World War II Carriers

NameClassCountryYear of Launch
Activity  Activity-class Escort Carrier  United Kingdom  1942  
Akagi  Akagi-class Aircraft Carrier  Japan  1925  
Amagi  Unryu-class Aircraft Carrier  Japan  1943  
Ameer  Ruler-class Escort Carrier  United Kingdom  1942  
Anzio  Casablanca-class Escort Carrier  United States  1943  
Arbiter  Ruler-class Escort Carrier  United Kingdom  1943  
Archer  Archer-class Escort Carrier  United Kingdom    
Argus  Argus-class Aircraft Carrier  United Kingdom  1917  
Ark Royal  Ark Royal-class Aircraft Carrier  United Kingdom  1937  
B (Planned)  Graf Zeppelin-class Aircraft Carrier  Germany  1940 (Projected, not actual)  
Bataan (Independence-class)  Independence-class Light Carrier  United States  1943  
Béarn  Béarn-class Aircraft Carrier  France    
Belleau Wood  Independence-class Light Carrier  United States  1942  
Bennington  Essex-class Aircraft Carrier  United States  1944  
Bunker Hill  Essex-class Aircraft Carrier  United States  1942  
C (Planned)  Graf Zeppelin-class Aircraft Carrier  Germany  1945 (Projected, not actual)  
Cabot  Independence-class Light Carrier  United States  1943  
Casablanca  Casablanca-class Escort Carrier  United States  1943  
Chitose  Chitose-class Light Carrier  Japan  1936  
Chiyoda  Chitose-class Light Carrier  Japan  1936  
Chuyo  Taiyo-class Escort Carrier  Japan  1939  
Colossus  Colossus-class Light Carrier  United Kingdom  1943  
Copahee  Bogue-class Escort Carrier  United States  1941  
Corregidor  Casablanca-class Escort Carrier  United States  1943  
Courageous  Courageous-class Aircraft Carrier  United Kingdom    
Cowpens  Independence-class Light Carrier  United States  1943  
D (Planned)  Graf Zeppelin-class Aircraft Carrier  Germany  1947 (Projected, not actual)  
Eagle  Eagle-class Aircraft Carrier  United Kingdom  1918  
Enterprise  Yorktown-class Aircraft Carrier  United States  1936  
Essex  Essex-class Aircraft Carrier  United States  1942  
Formidable  Illustrious-class Aircraft Carrier  United Kingdom  1939  
Franklin  Essex-class Aircraft Carrier  United States  1943  
Furious  Courageous-class Aircraft Carrier  United Kingdom  1916  
Glorious  Courageous-class Aircraft Carrier  United Kingdom  1916  
Glory  Colossus-class Light Carrier  United Kingdom  1943  
Graf Zeppelin  Graf Zeppelin-class Aircraft Carrier  Germany  1938  
Hancock  Essex-class Aircraft Carrier  United States  1944  
Hermes  Hermes-class Light Carrier  United Kingdom  1919  
Hiryu  Soryu-class Aircraft Carrier  Japan  1937  
Hiyo  Hiyo-class Escort Carrier  Japan  1941  
Hornet (Essex-class)  Essex-class Aircraft Carrier  United States  1943  
Hornet (Yorktown-class)  Yorktown-class Aircraft Carrier  United States  1940  
Hosho  Hosho-class Light Carrier  Japan  1921  
Ibuki  Ibuki-class Light Carrier  Japan  1943  
Illustrious  Illustrious-class Aircraft Carrier  United Kingdom  1939  
Independence  Independence-class Light Carrier  United States  1942  
Indomitable  Illustrious-class Aircraft Carrier  United Kingdom  1940  
Intrepid  Essex-class Aircraft Carrier  United States  1943  
Junyo  Hiyo-class Escort Carrier  Japan  1941  
Kaga  Kaga-class Aircraft Carrier  Japan  1921  
Kaiyo  Kaiyo-class Escort Carrier  Japan  1938  
Katsuragi  Unryu-class Aircraft Carrier  Japan  1943  
Langley (Independence-class)  Independence-class Light Carrier  United States  1943  
Lexington (Essex-class)  Essex-class Aircraft Carrier  United States  1942  
Lexington (Lexington-class)  Lexington-class Aircraft Carrier  United States  1925  
Long Island  Long Island-class Escort Carrier  United States  1940  
Makin Island  Casablanca-class Escort Carrier  United States  1944  
Manila Bay  Casablanca-class Escort Carrier  United States  1943  
Marcus Island  Casablanca-class Escort Carrier  United States  1943  
Monterey  Independence-class Light Carrier  United States  1943  
Natoma Bay  Casablanca-class Escort Carrier  United States  1943  
Nehenta Bay  Casablanca-class Escort Carrier  United States    
Nisshin  Nisshin-class Seaplane Carrier  Japan  1939  
Ommaney Bay  Casablanca-class Escort Carrier  United States  1943  
Petrof Bay  Casablanca-class Escort Carrier  United States  1944  
Princeton  Independence-class Light Carrier  United States  1942  
Randolph  Essex-class Aircraft Carrier  United States  1944  
Ranger  Ranger-class Aircraft Carrier  United States    
Ryuho  Ryuho-class Aircraft Carrier  Japan  1933  
Ryujo  Ryujo-class Aircraft Carrier  Japan  1931  
Saginaw Bay  Casablanca-class Escort Carrier  United States    
San Jacinto  Independence-class Light Carrier  United States  1943  
Saratoga  Lexington-class Aircraft Carrier  United States  1925  
Sargent Bay  Casablanca-class Escort Carrier  United States  1944  
Savo Island  Casablanca-class Escort Carrier  United States  1943  
Shamrock Bay  Casablanca-class Escort Carrier  United States  1944  
Shinano  Shinano-class Aircraft Carrier  Japan  1944  
Shinyo  Shinyo-class Escort Carrier  Japan    
Shoho  Zuiho-class Light Carrier  Japan  1935  
Shokaku  Shokaku-class Aircraft Carrier  Japan  1939  
Soryu  Soryu-class Aircraft Carrier  Japan  1935  
Steamer Bay  Casablanca-class Escort Carrier  United States  1944  
Taiho  Taiho-class Aircraft Carrier  Japan  1943  
Taiyo  Taiyo-class Escort Carrier  Japan  1940  
Ticonderoga  Essex-class Aircraft Carrier  United States  1944  
Unryu  Unryu-class Aircraft Carrier  Japan  1943  
Unyo  Taiyo-class Escort Carrier  Japan  1939  
Victorious  Illustrious-class Aircraft Carrier  United Kingdom  1939  
Wake Island  Casablanca-class Escort Carrier  United States  1943  
Wasp (Essex-class)  Essex-class Aircraft Carrier  United States  1943  
Wasp (Wasp-class)  Wasp-class Aircraft Carrier  United States  1939  
Yorktown (Essex-class)  Essex-class Aircraft Carrier  United States  1943  
Yorktown (Yorktown-class)  Yorktown-class Aircraft Carrier  United States  1936  
Zuiho  Zuiho-class Light Carrier  Japan  1936  
Zuikaku  Shokaku-class Aircraft Carrier  Japan  1939  

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