Other Ships of World War II

NameClassCountryYear of Launch
ABSD-1  No Classification  United States    
ABSD-2  No Classification  United States    
Acavus  Rapana-class Merchant Vessel  United Kingdom    
Adula  Rapana-class Merchant Vessel  United Kingdom    
Akashi  Akashi-class Repair Ship  Japan  1938  
Albatross  No Classification  United Kingdom    
Altmark  No Classification  Germany    
Ancon  No Classification  United States  1938  
Ancylus  Rapana-class Merchant Vessel  United Kingdom  1935  
Anticosti  Isles-class Trawler  Canada  1942  
Arisan Maru  No Classification  Japan    
Armidale  Bathurst-class Corvette  Australia  1942  
Asama Maru  No Classification  Japan  1928  
Awa Maru  No Classification  Japan  1942  
Biscayne  Barnegat-class Seaplane Tender  United States  1941  
Brummer  No Classification  Germany    
Daihatsu-class Summary Information  Daihatsu-class Landing Craft  Japan    
Dianthus  Flower-class Corvette  United Kingdom  1940  
Fairmile D-class Summary Information  Fairmile D-class Motor Torpedo Boat  United Kingdom    
Gulland  Isles-class Trawler  United Kingdom  1943  
Hakusan Maru  No Classification  Japan  1918  
Hikawa Maru  No Classification  Japan  1929  
Holland  Holland-class Submarine Tender  United States  1926  
Ilmarinen  Väinämöinen-class Coastal Defense Ship  Finland  1931  
Irako  No Classification  Japan  1941  
Itsukushima  No Classification  Japan  1929  
Kamoi  Kamoi-class Seaplane Tender  Japan  1922  
Kembu Maru  No Classification  Japan    
Kinai Maru  No Classification  Japan    
Kitty Hawk  Kitty Hawk-class Merchant Vessel  United States  1932  
Langley (Langley-class)  Langley-class Seaplane Tender  United States    
LCI(L)-class Summary Information  LCI(L)-class Landing Ship  United States    
LCVP-class Summary Information  LCVP-class Landing Craft  United States    
Liberty-class Summary Information  Liberty-class Merchant Vessel  United States    
LST-1  LST-class Landing Ship  United States  1942  
LST-412  LST-class Landing Ship  United Kingdom  1942  
Milfoil  Flower-class Corvette  United Kingdom  1942  
Montevideo Maru  No Classification  Japan    
No. 101/103-class Summary Information  No. 101/103-class Landing Ship  Japan    
Nymphe  No Classification  Germany    
Orion  No Classification  Germany    
Panay  No Classification  United States    
Proteus  Fulton-class Submarine Tender  United States  1942  
PT-class Summary Information  PT-class Motor Torpedo Boat  United States    
Queen Elizabeth  No Classification  United Kingdom  1938  
Queen Mary  No Classification  United Kingdom  1934  
Rawalpindi  R-class Merchant Vessel  United Kingdom  1925  
Renraku-tei-class Summary Information  Renraku-tei-class Motor Torpedo Boat  Japan    
Sable  No Classification  United States  1923  
Sanborn  Haskell-class Attack Transport  United States  1944  
Schnellboot-class Summary Information  Schnellboot-class Motor Torpedo Boat  Germany    
Seisho Maru  No Classification  Japan  1918  
Shinyo Maru  No Classification  Japan    
Shinyo-class Summary Information  Shinyo-class Motor Torpedo Boat  Japan    
Soya  No Classification  Japan  1937  
Takasago Maru  No Classification  Japan    
Tatsuta Maru  No Classification  Japan  1929  
Thornycroft-class Summary Information  Thornycroft-class Motor Launch  United Kingdom    
Toyama Maru  No Classification  Japan    
Tranquility  Haven-class Hospital Ship  United States  1944  
Trillium  Flower-class Corvette  Canada  1940  
Tsushima Maru  No Classification  Japan    
Victory-class Summary Information  Victory-class Merchant Vessel  United States    
Väinämöinen  Väinämöinen-class Coastal Defense Ship  Finland  1932  
Wilhelm Gustloff  No Classification  Germany    
Wolverine  No Classification  United States    

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