Zuiho file photo [5701]


Ship ClassZuiho-class Light Carrier
Builder NameYokosuka Naval Arsenal
Laid Down20 Jun 1935
Launched19 Jun 1936
Commissioned27 Dec 1940
Sunk25 Oct 1944
Displacement11,262 tons standard; 13,950 tons full
Length712 feet
Beam76 feet
Draft22 feet
MachineryGeared turbines, two shafts
Power Output52,000 SHP
Speed28 knots
Armament8x100mm (pre-1934), 4x100mm (post-1934), 56,x25mm anti-aircraft


ww2dbaseWhen Zuiho and her sister ship Shoho were laid down, they were of a flexible design that could eventually be completed as a light carrier, an oil tanker, or a submarine tender. She was originally launched in 1934 as the oil tanker Takasaki, but was converted to a light carrier in 1941. She was assigned to Carrier Division 3 in Jan 1941 and participated in the Japanese southward expansion in the opening chapters of the Pacific War at the end of that year. In Jun 1942, she carried 12 Zero fighters and 11 D3A dive bombers and sailed with the support fleet during the Midway operation, but did not engage in combat. In Oct 1942, with Carrier Division 1, she participated in the Battle of Santa Cruz and suffered serious flight deck damage by carrier Enterprise's aircraft. In early 1943, she supported the evacuation of Guadalcanal. In Feb 1944, she participated in the Battle of the Philippine Sea. In Oct 1944, during the Battle off Cape Engaño as a part of Jisaburo Ozawa's decoy fleet, the first wave of American attacks damaged her flight deck, but damage control crew quickly repaired the ship to working condition. However, she was eventually sunk by subsequent waves of American attacks in the same battle.

ww2dbaseSource: Wikipedia.

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Zuiho Operational Timeline

27 Dec 1940 Zuiho was commissioned into service.


Carrier Zuiho at Yokosuka, Japan, 28 Dec 1940Carrier Zuiho damaged during Battle off Cape Engaño, 25 Oct 1944; note battleship camouflage; as seen on page 68 of US Navy War Photographs

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1. Anonymous in Kanazawa says:
23 May 2011 10:20:01 PM

Errata point out. Zuiho fitted with large caliber AA in 12.7cm (5") 2 x4 guns. Not 10 cm (4") AA guns. Only Jap. carriers fitted with 10 cm AA guns is Taiho.

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