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Japanese civilians in a refugee center inside ...
Władysław Anders, 1940s
Hachiro Arita, early 1954
Hachiro Arita in his home in Tokyo, Japan, 1956
Portrait of Hachiro Arita, early 1955
Portrait of Hachiro Arita, 1936-1940
Prime Minister Mitsumasa Yonai and his cabinet...
Japanese civilians, Hiroshima, Japan, Sep 1945
German child playing with abandoned weapons, B...
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Damaged buildings in Stalingrad, Russia, Oct 1...
Portrait of Nobutake Kondo, date unknown, phot...

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31 May 1945: Soviet SMERSH captured German intelligence officer Erwin Stolze in Berlin, Germany in civilian clothing.

31 May 1940: German submarine U-101 attacked Allied convoy HG-31F and sank British ship Orangemoor with 8,150 tons of iron on board west of G...

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