Second Battle of Shanghai

In Aug 1937, Japanese political machine fabricated pretext to escalate the war in China, while troops were already en route to Shanghai. The western powers unsuccessfully attempted to broker peace, and the Second Battle of Shanghai began on 13 Aug.

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Japanese troops posing with a captured Chinese Panzer I Ausf A tank, Nanjing, mid-Dec 1937General First Class He Yingqin, General Second Class Gu Zhutong, and Lieutenant General Xiao Yisu inspecting the Japanese instrument of surrender, Nanjing, China, 9 Sep 1945Calligraphy 'Rather be a ghost of a martyr, not a slave without a country' by General Song Zheyuan during the First Battle of Hebei, China, 15 Mar 1933US Marine Corps musicians with bagpipes, Quantico, Virginia, United States, circa 1943
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