28 Oct 1943

French Indochina
  • Japanese Kempeitei agents extended protection to Tran Trong Kim in Hanoi, Tonkin, French Indochina, who was being investigated by French authorities. ww2dbase [Tran Trong Kim | Hanoi, Tonkin | CPC]
11 Aug 1945

French Indochina
  • The Dai Viet (Nationalist Party of Greater Vietnam) held a demonstration in Hanoi, Tonkin, French Indochina in support for the Vietnamese royal government and for an independent Vietnam. In private, the Dai Viet leadership discussed the possibility of coup as they hear rumors of a Japanese surrender, but they could not come to a concensus on its execution. ww2dbase [Hanoi, Tonkin | CPC]
17 Aug 1945

French Indochina
  • The Vietnam General Association of Government Employees convened a meeting in front of the Hanoi Opera House in Tonkin, French Indochina, attracting 20,000 people. During the meeting, troops loyal to the Dai Viet marched into Hanoi, but their leadership did not order them to seize government centers. ww2dbase [Hanoi, Tonkin | CPC]
19 Aug 1945

French Indochina
  • In Tonkin, French Indochina, tens of thousands of villagers in support of the Viet Minh marched from the countrysides into Hanoi. Amongst them was an armed unit of Viet Minh which dispersed the local police while Japanese forces refrained from interference. By 1100 hours, the crowd grew to about 200,000. Shortly after, the Viet Minh took over the Viceroy's Palace. A number of Japanese tanks approached with plans to maintain peace, but they departed after some negotiations. ww2dbase [Hanoi, Tonkin | CPC]
22 Aug 1945

French Indochina
  • French Commissioner Pierre Messmer for Tonkin, French Indochina was parachuted north of Hanoi, but was captured by Viet Minh troops; he would soon be rescued by Chinese troops. Meanwhile, Jean Sainteny, another French colonial administrator, flew into Hanoi aboard an American aircraft from Chongqing, China. On the same day, Commissioner Jean CĂ©dile for Cochinchine was parachuted 85 kilometers northwest of Saigon, and was captured and humiliated by local farmers; he and his team was rescued by Japanese troops. Finally, in Thai Nguyen, Tonkin, the Japanese personnel which had been previously besieged by Viet Minh were freed after the communists withdrew to handle the arrival of French colonial administrators. ww2dbase [Hanoi, Tonkin | CPC]
26 Aug 1945

French Indochina
  • Ho Chi Minh arrived in Hanoi, Tonkin, French Indochina for the first time. He invited US OSS Major Archimedes Patti to lunch in an attempt to court US support for Vietnamese independence. ww2dbase [Hanoi, Tonkin | CPC]
27 Aug 1945

French Indochina
  • Ho Chi Minh convened his first cabinet meeting in Hanoi, Tonkin, French Indochina. The group agreed that they would declare Vietnamese independence on 2 Sep 1945. ww2dbase [Hanoi, Tonkin | CPC]
28 Aug 1945

French Indochina
  • The Viet Minh issued an order that required permits for all outdoor meetings or armed training exercises. ww2dbase [Hanoi, Tonkin | CPC]
2 Sep 1945

French Indochina
  • Ho Chi Minh proclaimed the Democratic Republic of Vietnam at the Botanic Gardens in Hanoi, Tonkin, French Indochina. In the speech, he called on the Allies to recognize the new country. He also noted that, with or without Allied recognition, he would fight against French colonialism. ww2dbase [Hanoi, Tonkin | AC, CPC]
8 Sep 1945

French Indochina
  • The newly founded Democratic Republic of Vietnam agreed on the formation of a 300-member legislative branch of the government, National People's Assembly. All citizens 18 years of age or older, regardless of gender, would be allowed to vote and to run for a seat. ww2dbase [Hanoi, Tonkin | CPC]
14 Sep 1945

French Indochina
  • General Lu Han, commanding officer of Chinese occupation force in northern French Indochina, arrived in Hanoi, Tonkin by aircraft and established his headquarters at the Governor General's Palace. One of Lu's first orders was to summon Ho Chi Minh for a meeting, planning for the maintenance of peace. Fearful that the Chinese would buy up all the Vietnamese grain with over-valued Chinese currency, Ho pledged that he would ensure ample deliveries of grain to the Chinese occupation force, thus eliminating Chinese purchases. ww2dbase [Hanoi, Tonkin | CPC]
20 Sep 1945

French Indochina
25 Sep 1945

Photo(s) dated 25 Sep 1945
Lu Han in Hanoi, French Indochina, late Sep 1945
28 Sep 1945

French Indochina
  • Chinese General Lu Han accepted the surrender of Japanese 38th Army at Hanoi, French Indochina. The French delegation boycotted the ceremony due to the Chinese-Vietnamese joint attempt to place the French delegation far from the main ceremonies during the planning process. ww2dbase [Lu Han | Japan's Surrender | Hanoi, Tonkin | CPC]
Photo(s) dated 28 Sep 1945
Lieutenant General Lu Han at the Japanese surrender ceremony for northern French Indochina in Hanoi, 28 Sep 1945Lieutenant General Yuitsu Tsuchihashi at the Japanese surrender ceremony at Hanoi, French Indochina, 28 Sep 1945
4 Oct 1945

French Indochina

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