14 Aug 1945
  • Lieutenant Commander Hugh Patrick Davies was made the commanding officer of HMS LST-412, replacing H. D. Bittleston. ww2dbase [LST-412 | CPC]
  • From Chongqing, China, Chiang Kaishek sent a cable to Mao Zedong, inviting the Chinese Communist leader to Chongqing, China for talks. Mao, who saw that talks would gain him little, insisted that the Nationalists must allow the Communists to take official parts in the Japanese surrender, something Chiang was likely to reject. ww2dbase [Chiang Kaishek | Chongqing | CPC]
  • In northeastern China, Mongolian leaders Hafungga and Buyanmandakhu began forming a para-military force consisted of former cadets of Xing'an (Postal Map: Hsingan) Province Military Academy, aligned with the Soviet puppet nation of Mongolia. ww2dbase [Xing'an | CPC]
Dutch East Indies
  • Sukarno and Mohammad Hatta arrived in Batavia (now Jakarta), Dutch East Indies and learned of the Japanese surrender. ww2dbase [Batavia, Java | CPC]
  • France announced objections against Thailand's application to become a member of the United Nations. ww2dbase [Paris | CPC]
French Indochina
  • In Saigon, Cochinchina, French Indochina, a demonstration of more than 50,000 people protested against th potential return of the French. A National United Front was declared during the demonstration. ww2dbase [Saigon, Cochinchine | CPC]
  • In Hue, Annam, French Indochina, Emperor Bao Dai tore up the treaties signed with the French in 1862 and 1874 and reclaimed Cochinchina as Vietnamese sovereign territory. ww2dbase [Bao Dai | Hue, Annam | CPC]
  • Son Ngoc Thanh was named the prime minister of Cambodia, French Indochina. He called for the resistance against the imminent return of the French. ww2dbase [Phnom Penh, Cambodia | CPC]
  • USS Hackleback departed Guam, Mariana Islands for her third war patrol. ww2dbase [Hackleback | CPC]
  • More than 150 Burmese civilians held by the Japanese on Tarmugli in the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal were shot or bayoneted by their captors. ww2dbase [Tarmugli, Andaman and Nicobar Islands | AC]
  • Air Group 87 aircraft from USS Ticonderoga struck Tokyo, Japan. ww2dbase [Ticonderoga | Tokyo | DS]
  • The last Japanese aircraft destroyed prior to Emperor Showa's radio address was a C6N1 Saiun aircraft, shot down about five minutes before the announcement. ww2dbase [C6N Saiun | CPC]
  • The Japanese Imperial Council accepted Emperor Showa's order to surrender to the Allies powers' surrender terms. In turn, Prime Minister Kantaro Suzuki notified the Allies that Japan was accepting the Potsdam Declaration. ww2dbase [Japan's Surrender | AC, CPC]
  • Korechika Anami practiced kendo for the entire afternoon while he considered the war situation. ww2dbase [Korechika Anami | Tokyo | CPC]
Mariana Islands
  • USS Whale arrived at Saipan, Mariana Islands. ww2dbase [Whale | Saipan | CPC]
Pacific Ocean
  • Seven aircraft of the Oita Detachment, 701st Air Group, Japanese Navy made the last operational suicide sortie of the war, led by Admiral Matome Ugaki, commander of the 5th Air fleet. ww2dbase [Matome Ugaki | AC]
  • USS Carbonero sank a junk with her deck gun in the Gulf of Siam-South China Sea area. ww2dbase [Carbonero | South China Sea | CPC]
  • In the evening, I-401 arrived at the rendezvous point south of Ulithi, Caroline Islands but did not find I-400; at this time, I-400 was actually at the incorrect location 1,000 miles to the east. ww2dbase [I-401 | CPC]
  • USS Ray departed US Naval Base Subic Bay, Philippine Islands. ww2dbase [Ray | Olongapo, Zambales | CPC]
  • USS Tamalpais departed Leyte Gulf to join replenishment group TG30.8 supporting the fleet southeast of Japan. ww2dbase [Tamalpais | Lauaan Bay, Leyte | DS]
  • Chinese Foreign Minister Song Ziwen informed US Ambassador in Moscow, Russia W. Averell Harriman that China and the Soviet Union had come to an agreement on all major issues being negotiated for the Sino-Soviet Friendship Treaty, and it was about to be signed into effect. ww2dbase [Song Ziwen | Moscow | CPC]
  • The Sino-Soviet Friendship Treaty was signed in Moscow, Russia by Song Ziwen and Vyacheslav Molotov. The USSR recognized the Nationalist Party as the sole ruling entity in China, and pledged to respect Chinese sovereignty and Chinese borders. China allowed the Soviets effective control of Dairen, Port Arthur, and various regions of northeast China. The Chinese delegation was surprised with the Soviet demand for China to cede Outer Mongolia as an independent nation; Song Ziwen, leader of the delegation, reluctantly agreed, knowing that the Soviet pledge to recognize the Nationalists was a greater gain. The Soviets also forced China to agree to a future referendum in Inner Mongolia, allow the people to choose whether they would join independent Mongolia. ww2dbase [Song Ziwen | Moscow | CPC]
  • The Soviet Union announced objections against Thailand's application to become a member of the United Nations. ww2dbase [Moscow | CPC]
United States
  • The US government ordered the resumption of civilian automobile production. ww2dbase [CPC]
  • Escort carrier USS Card arrived at San Diego, California from Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. ww2dbase [Card | San Diego, California | DS]
Photo(s) dated 14 Aug 1945
Choir rehersal at Naval Air Station, Beaufort, South Carolina, United States, at the time it was announced that Japan had accepted the AlliesPrayers of gratitude during a choir rehersal at Naval Air Station, Beaufort, South Carolina, United States after it was announced that Japan had accepted the Allied surrender terms, 14 Aug 1945US Navy African-American enlisted sailors aboard USS Ticonderoga celebrating upon hearing the news of Japanese surrender, 14 Aug 1945Japanese top level meeting before Emperor Showa, 14 Aug 1945; the Japanese surrender was decided as an outcome of this meeting
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14 Aug 1945 Interactive Map

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