7 Sep 1944
  • British 11th Armoured Division crossed the Albert Canal in Belgium. ww2dbase [Main Article | TH]
  • US Third Army crossed Moselle River. ww2dbase [TH]
  • Hans Speidel was arrested. ww2dbase [CPC]
Caroline Islands
  • USS Wasp's aircraft attacked Japanese positions in the Palau Islands. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • Chiang Kaishek met with Joseph Stilwell, Patrick Hurley, and Donald Nelson in Chongqing, China. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • B-25 bombers of US 14th Air Force attacked Tianhe Airfield in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • A Soviet military mission was established under Major Ivan Skripka in Slovakia to aid the Slovak National Uprising. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
Dutch East Indies
  • USS Flying Fish reported a new Japanese airfield at Celebes, Dutch East Indies and reported this discovery. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • The first two German V-2 rockets were fired against the Allies by German 444 and 485 Mobile Artillery Detachments at 1030 and 1140 hours, respectively. They both targeted Paris, France, but both crashed immediately after launch. ww2dbase [Main Article | Event | CPC]
  • Landing ship No. 115 was launched. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
Pacific Ocean
  • USS Preston guarded carriers while the carriers launched strikes against Palau Islands. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • USS Barbero attacked a Japanese trawler east of the Philippine Islands; the torpedo missed. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • USS Miami escorted aircraft carriers while the carrier aircraft struck Peleliu and Angaur of the Palau Islands. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • USS Alabama escorted US carriers as carrier aircraft attacked Japanese positions in the Caroline Islands. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
South Africa United Kingdom
  • British Member of Parliament Duncan Sandys, Winston Churchill's son-in-law who had been made responsible for coordinating the defences against the V-1 flying bombs, confidently predicted that "Except fot a few shots, the Battle for London is over". It was not within a day the V-2s (the second of Adolf Hitler's secret weapons) would begin to fall on the British capital. ww2dbase [Main Article | Event | AC]
Photo(s) dated 7 Sep 1944
Men of the 8th Infantry Regiment attempted to move forward but were pinned down by German small arms from within the Belgian town of Libin, 7 Sep 1944African-American troops of the US Army engaging Germans three miles north of Lucca, Italy, 7 Sep 1944; note the bazooka in firing positionSpitfire HF.VII fighter being used for evaluation of stability and flight control by the Americans at Langley Research Center, Virginia, United States, 7 Sep 1944; note B-24 in far left backgroundUSS Saratoga in Camouflage Measure 32  following overhaul, Puget Sound, Washington, United States, 7 Sep 1944, photo 1 of 2
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7 Sep 1944 Interactive Map

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