Government Buildings and Military Headquarters

10 Downing Street  Government Building  London, England  United Kingdom  
Arlington Hall  Government Building  Arlington, Virginia  United States  
Hotel Yamato  Military Headquarters  Surabaya, Java  Dutch East Indies  
Imperial Palace Complex  Government Building  Tokyo  Japan  
Keijo General Government Building  Government Building  Keijo  Korea  
Kremlin and Red Square  Government Building  Moscow, Moscow  Russia  
Lubyanka Building  Government Building, Prison Camp  Moscow, Moscow  Russia  
Pentagon  Military Headquarters  Arlington, Virginia  United States  
Reich Chancellery  Government Building  Berlin  Germany  
Reichstag Building and Kroll Opera House  Government Building  Berlin  Germany  
Taihoku General Government Building  Government Building  Taihoku, Taihoku  Taiwan  
White House  Government Building  Washington  United States  
Zossen  Military Headquarters  W├╝nsdorf, Mark Brandenburg  Germany  

Government Buildings and Military Headquarters Interactive Map

Facility Section Founder: David Stubblebine
Contributors: Alan Chanter, C. Peter Chen, David Stubblebine

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