Troops of the US Army 112th Cavalry Regiment (Texas National Guard) landing at Arawe, New Britain, Bismarck Archipelago, 15 Dec 1943; note LVTs and M1 Garand rifles

Caption     Troops of the US Army 112th Cavalry Regiment (Texas National Guard) landing at Arawe, New Britain, Bismarck Archipelago, 15 Dec 1943; note LVTs and M1 Garand rifles ww2dbase
Photographer    Unknown
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Photos on Same Day 15 Dec 1943
Added By C. Peter Chen
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Visitor Submitted Comments

1. Glenn T. Johnston says:
8 Nov 2008 02:04:39 PM

Good photo, bad data.

These are troops from the 112th Cavalry, Texas National Guard, landing at Arawe, New Britain, on December 15, 1943. Notice the Alligators/Buffalos used as transport. This was their first use by the Army in the SW Pacific. They were operated by the tractor battalion(s) of the 1st Marine Division.
2. Commenter identity confirmed C. Peter Chen says:
8 Nov 2008 03:13:05 PM

Thank you Glenn, I have added "Texas National Guard" to the caption, as well as corrected the location from Cape Gloucester to Arawe.
3. MAJ Burger says:
30 Jul 2009 09:46:47 AM

112th Cavalry is deploying to Iraq later this year to relieve the 32nd Infantry Division. How is that for history.
4. Anonymous says:
26 May 2013 07:02:55 PM

My dad Lewis (Milo) Adams served in the 112th. Was at New Britain I think I'm lucky to be here. Dad passed away in 1991 I always listen to a tape his buddy Mayo Davis made after dad passed away. Incredible stories I cant imagine going through that.

A proud son
5. keith says:
17 Jun 2014 05:06:22 AM

My father-in-law, Jessie Pye served in the 112th from 1941-1945. Hardly spoke about his service before passing in 2006. How can I find out more on the best man I've ever known.
Proud for my wife and brother-in-law
6. justin Lagrone says:
22 May 2016 02:41:43 AM

Wy grandfather Pvt Otis Lagrone was killed dec14 1943 at the landing on Arawe beach. looking for any photos from that landing. my father was 5 days old. we are in australia
7. Longoria says:
13 Jul 2016 10:39:34 PM

My father was all up in new caledonia...guinea...philipines....etc....112th calvary F-troop.
They were sweeping the dead on front when hidden jap lunged out and stabbed my fathers new friend/australian soldier and broke knife in father turned and shot the jab and held his pal as he died in his arms......all were brothers in that war....
8. Anderson says:
17 Jul 2016 09:06:29 AM

My wifes grandfather was with 112th from Nov. 1940 thru the Phillipines in 1945. Shipped home early (sick) so he skipped the occupation.

Staff Sergeant Johnnie Walter Vigne (squad leader at end of the war) - sometimes he went by "Joe" . Stayed with B troop the entire war. I have Fort Clark photos (before they went to the pacific) and we went to a reunion in late 90s. Any folks out their with B troop connections.
9. Larry Faulkner says:
16 Feb 2017 12:28:49 PM

My father, Emery Faulkner, was i the: Weapons Troop 112 Cavalry Regiment. He was in New Guinea from about Apr. 44 to Apr. 45. I know it is a long shot, but might anyone have any info regarding him and his unit? His records were lost in the Archive fire. Thanks.
10. A Neo Caledonian Historian says:
21 Feb 2017 07:53:04 PM

Longoria, you said your father was in New Caledonia ?

Do you have some more info about what they did (with his unit) in the island ?

Many Thanks
11. Persephon says:
24 Feb 2017 10:42:52 AM

I am am working on a documentary for PBS about Jewish GIs in WWII. We might be featuring Norman Mailer who I believe served in the 112th Regiment. Does anyone have any photos of this regiment in the Pacific during WWII? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks so much!
12. Anonymous clark Adams says:
23 Apr 2017 07:54:38 PM

My dad was with 112th in New Guinea and New Caledonia. Larry I noticed your post on Feb 16th. That was the 26rh anniversary of my dad's death. I have a cd that his army buddy made for my family that describes what they did everywhere they went.
13. arthur allen says:
30 May 2017 01:04:40 PM

Persephon - curious about your doc cuz I'm working on a related book. get in touch
14. Joan says:
2 Dec 2017 09:00:03 AM

My mom's only sibling, Alvin Cole, was killed in Leyte on Dec 2, 1944. I would love help in finding any information on his service, his death, his troop, etc., to provide her a story about her beloved brother's last year on earth. If anyone has suggestions and/or information, please email me at
Thanks & God bless, Joan
15. Tim Dees says:
9 Dec 2018 06:47:05 PM

My grandfather Leonard Vincent Morgan served with the 112th. left Ft Clark Texas went to New Caledonia then went to Townsville Aus. Then to Mellon Bay New Guinea to Woodlark. Went to Good enough. Went to New Britain. Went to Finchhavin. Went to Atape on the Drinamore river. can you help me find more information or pictures or others that served with him?
16. Cowboy says:
7 Jan 2019 07:19:53 PM

112th Troop A ... wriiting book on 90 boys from Toledo OH high school KIA in WWII. One was John Hile 35017451 KIA 12/29/1944... he was member of 112 Calvary.
17. Julie Coley says:
6 Jun 2019 07:21:24 AM

My dad was in the 112th Calvary, Texas National Guard in WWII. I have a photo album on my FB from photos from there that I want to share with others. I hope I can reunite someone with their relative.
18. Sarah says:
4 Sep 2019 01:34:07 PM

Trying to find more information about my family member Ivah E Hanna who served with the 112th and was killed on Dec 15 1943. Service number 34130857.
19. Anonymous says:
23 Aug 2020 09:52:20 AM

I too am searching for info on those who died on Dec. 15, 1943 - Arthur Zeller from Evansville, IN (MIA)
20. Anonymous says:
10 Dec 2021 05:32:29 PM

My Dad wasn't killed that day but he was Captain Edward Wright who was the Captain of A Troop which was sent into the ambush that resulted in 16 men being killed. Dad died in 1982 but I have a few stories I can share. Scott Wright
21. JC Hooper says:
28 May 2022 04:12:53 PM

Researching for my church's archive. Church member (Eulett) "Edwin" Adams (#34083801) killed 12/15/1943 in Arawe. Will take any info on him that we can get. Would love to have a photo of him.

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