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Second Cairo Conference

4 Dec 1943 - 6 Dec 1943

Contributor: C. Peter Chen

Ten days after the Cairo Conference that ended on 26 Nov 1943, Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill returned to Cairo once again to meet with Turkish President Ismet Inonu to discuss the war in the Middle East. Though technically neutral, Inonu pledged friendship on behalf of his country; this action would have lasting effects after the war as the United States and Russia emerged as opposing superpowers. Between Churchill and Roosevelt, Churchill continued to express the importance of a Mediterranean strategy against the Germans but acknowledged that an invasion in France would be a key element in the war against Germany as well; the two western Allies' leaders decided that Dwight Eisenhower was to command the Normandy invasion. In addition, the previously decided Allied landing in Rangoon, Burma, was to be delayed indefinitely.


Second Cairo Conference Timeline

5 Dec 1943 Operation Buccaneer, which planned to assault a large number of Japanese targets in the Burma region, was canceled during the Second Cairo Conference.
6 Dec 1943 Joseph Stilwell met with Franklin Roosevelt in Cairo, Egypt and discussed the war in China. Stilwell noted that he was growing sick of Roosevelt's politicking.

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