4 Jul 1944
  • USS Franklin launched strikes against Bonin Islands. ww2dbase [Franklin | CPC]
  • At 1820 hours, radio communications between USS S-28 and United States Coast Guard cutter Reliance was broken, and S-28 was never heard from again. ww2dbase [S-28 | CPC]
  • USS Blackfin was commissioned into service with Lieutenant Commander George Laird, Jr. in command. ww2dbase [Blackfin | CPC]
  • In the morning, USS Tang sank Japanese freighter Asukazan Maru, hitting her with two of three torpedoes fired. In the afternoon, the transport Yamaoka Maru was sunk with two torpedoes. ww2dbase [Tang | CPC]
  • After a week of strikes in Copenhagen, the Germans rescinded their curfew to avoid such uprisings. ww2dbase [TH]
  • USS Astoria remained at Port of Spain, Trinidad; her crew was allowed a short liberty in celebration of the Independence Day holiday of the United States. ww2dbase [Astoria (Cleveland-class) | CPC]
  • With intelligence obtained by infiltrating the meeting in Berlin, Germany on 22 Jun 1944 between Claus von Stauffenberg and German communists, the Gestapo made several arrests. ww2dbase [CPC]
  • General Wazakazu Kawabe officially terminated Operation U-Go in India. ww2dbase [Battle of Imphal-Kohima | CPC]
  • USS Parche was attacked by a Japanese cruiser and a destroyer, but Parche was able to escape. ww2dbase [Parche | CPC]
  • USS Seahorse sank Japanese cargo ship Kyodo Maru No. 28 off Taiwan, hitting her with five of her last six torpedoes. ww2dbase [Seahorse | CPC]
  • USS Gunnel ended her fifth war patrol. ww2dbase [Gunnel | CPC]
Bermuda Byelorussia
  • The Soviet 1st Baltic Front captured Polotsk, Byelorussia on its way towards Riga, Latvia, moving to cut off German Armeegruppe Nord as it retreated from Estonia. The Soviet troops were now roughly on the 1939 German-Soviet border. ww2dbase [Operation Bagration | Polotsk | TH]
Finland Hawaii Japan Pacific Ocean
  • Landing ship No. 103 was sunk by US aircraft near Iwo Jima, Japan. ww2dbase [No. 101/103-class | CPC]
  • Landing ship No. 130 was sunk by US aircraft in the Pacific Ocean off Iwo Jima, Japan. ww2dbase [No. 101/103-class | CPC]
  • USS Archerfish was assigned lifeguard duty during the strikes on Iwo Jima, Japan, rescuing naval aviator Ensign John B. Anderson. ww2dbase [Archerfish | CPC]
United Kingdom
  • No. 3 Squadron RAF brought down 14 V-1 flying bombs over the coastal town of Hastings in southern England, United Kingdom; Belgian pilot Flight Lieutenant Remy Van Lierde, flying his Tempest V fighter (JN862/JF-Z), accounting for four in his two patrols. No. 486 Squadron RNZAF, also flying Tempest V fighters, brought down a further 14 over Tonbridge and the Kent coast. ww2dbase [Remy Van Lierde | V-Weapons Campaign | England | AC, HM]
  • American servicemen were again killed, and six women of US Army Women's Army Corps were wounded, by a V-1 flying bomb hitting their accommodation in Bexley, south-east London, England, United Kingdom. ww2dbase [V-Weapons Campaign | Vergeltungswaffe 1 | London, England | HM]
United States
  • J. Robert Oppenheimer revealed Emilio Segrè's final measurements to the Manhattan Project scientists at Los Alamos, New Mexico, which concluded that the "Thin Man" design for a gun-type plutonium weapon was not feasible. ww2dbase [Operation Trinity and Manhattan Project | Los Alamos, New Mexico | CPC]
Photo(s) dated 4 Jul 1944
View of Cherbourg harborUS Marines conducting street fighting in Garapan, Saipan, Mariana Islands, Jul 1944US Navy pilot Lt (jg) C. Clifton Francom unsuccessfully testing TBM Avenger torpedo bomber with experimental wing mounted radome aboard Ticonderoga, 4 Jul 1944, photo 1 of 5US Navy pilot Lt (jg) C. Clifton Francom unsuccessfully testing TBM Avenger torpedo bomber with experimental wing mounted radome aboard Ticonderoga, 4 Jul 1944, photo 2 of 5
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4 Jul 1944 Interactive Map

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