5 Aug 1945
  • The missing items from the Holy Roman Empire Imperial Regalia collection were found hidden under a school in NĂĽrnberg, Germany. ww2dbase [CPC]
  • USS Chub attacked a Japanese convoy in the Java Sea, sinking one ship with a torpedo and sinking a tug and a patrol vessel with her deck gun; two torpedoes were expended in the attack. ww2dbase [Chub | CPC]
  • The US Twentieth Air Force's meteorological service predicted good weather, on the following day, over the four targets (Hiroshima, Kokura, Niigata and Nagasaki in Japan) selected for attack with atomic weapon "Little Boy". ww2dbase [Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki | AC]
  • In southern China, Chinese troops captured Danzhu, Guangxi and Xingning County, Guangdong. In northeastern China, Dr. Junod of the International Committee of the Red Cross visited a prisoner of war camp in Mukden; he complained that camp doctors and prisoners were not allowed to speak to him, and that he found many undistributed Red Cross packages. ww2dbase [CPC]
French Indochina
  • Premier Tran Trong Kim of Vietnam saw his cabinet ministers resign in protest of his inability to resolve a wide array of issues sweeping Annam, French Indochina such as a plan to handle the threat of a resumed famine. ww2dbase [Annam | CPC]
  • Gato-class submarine USS Silversides was floated out of drydock at Apra Harbor, Guam and went alongside tender USS Sperry to continue her refit. ww2dbase [Silversides | Apra Harbor | DS]
Hawaii Pacific Ocean
  • USS Blenny reported sinking 11 small Japanese craft with the deck gun in the South China Sea off Malaya. ww2dbase [Blenny | South China Sea | CPC]
  • USS Bugara sank 4 small enemy craft with her deck gun in the Gulf of Siam and South China Sea area during the day. ww2dbase [Bugara | South China Sea | CPC]
  • USS Ray sank 2 small Japanese vessels in the South China Sea with her deck gun. ww2dbase [Ray | South China Sea | CPC]
  • I-400 developed a electrical power while east of Saipan, Mariana Islands, which quickly developed into an electrical fire that caused the submarine to sink nearly out of control. The repairs took 5 hours to complete. The crew thought that they had surfaced just in time before they ran out of oxygen. ww2dbase [I-400 | CPC]
United States Photo(s) dated 5 Aug 1945
Captain William Sterling Parsons and Colonel Paul Tibbets, Jr. briefed the crew of B-29 Superfortress Crew of USAAF Colonel Paul Tibbets and his crew of B-29 Superfortress bomber Battleship USS Maryland at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, Washington, United States 5 Aug 1945, ten days before war’s end.

5 Aug 1945 Interactive Map

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