21 Sep 1938
  • Japanese luxury ocean liner Hikawa Maru ran aground on a shoal near West Point, Washington, United States in a dense fog. ww2dbase [Hikawa Maru | CPC]
  • Spanish leader Dr. Negrin announced, in a speech to the League of Nations, that the International Brigades were to be withdrawn from the fighting. ww2dbase [The Spanish Civil War | AC]
  • Poland demanded Czechoslovakia to hold a plebiscite for the Zaolzie region, claiming the region, with its Polish majority, wished to join Poland. The French responded to the question from Czechoslovakian President Edvard BeneŇ° from the previous day, noting that they would only only honor the terms of the alliance if BeneŇ° agreed to cede Sudetenland to Germany, thus avoiding war. Seeing no help from the French, BeneŇ° turned to the Soviet Union, which would only honor the mutual defense treaty if the French honored theirs. Receiving no support from the nations who were supposedly his allies, BeneŇ° gave up and accepted the German demands for Sudetenland in the late afternoon. ww2dbase [Munich Conference and the Annexation of Sudetenland | CPC]
  • Chen Jie was made the Chinese Ambassador to Germany, succeeding Cheng Tianfang. ww2dbase [Chen Jie | CPC]
Photo(s) dated 21 Sep 1938
Carrier Graf Zeppelin under construction, Kiel, Germany, 21 Sep 1938Chinese Ambassador Chen Jie and German diplomat Konrad von Schubert in Berlin, Germany, circa 21 Sep 1938

21 Sep 1938 Interactive Map

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