14 Nov 1940
  • Kamoi was assigned to the 24th Air Flotilla. ww2dbase [Main Article | Tabular Record of Movement | CPC]
  • As Greek troops began to cross into Albanian borders, the Axis suffered its first land defeat of the war. ww2dbase [Main Article | AC]
  • German bombers raided Alexandria, Egypt, sinking Egyptian steamer Zamzam. ww2dbase [CPC]
  • The first contingent of aircrews to graduate from advanced training in Canada embarked for Britain. ww2dbase [AC]
United Kingdom
  • A massive night time raid on Coventry, England by 437 German He 111 bombers, dubbed Operation Moonlight Sonata, killed 568, injured 863, and destroyed 60,000 buildings (including the city's 14th Century cathedral) with 450 tons of high explosive bombs, 50 parachute bombs, and 36,000 incendiary bombs. Only one German bomber was shot down by anti-aircraft fire. British intelligence officers received this information two days prior from a captured German airman, but they incorrectly thought the information was meant for deceit and the actual target would be London. ww2dbase [Main Article | AC]
  • Neville Chamberlain's funeral was held at Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster, or Westminster Abbey, in London, England, United Kingdom. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
Photo(s) dated 14 Nov 1940
Greek Canon de 85 modčle 1927 Schneider field gun in action during Battle of Morava-Ivan, southern Albania, 14-23 Nov 1940Vyacheslav Molotov and Joachim von Ribbentrop shaking hands, Anhalter Station, Berlin, Germany, 14 Nov 1940Vyacheslav Molotov and Joachim von Ribbentrop at Anhalter Station, Berlin, Germany, 14 Nov 1940. They are escorted by Foreign Office staff members Baron Alexander Von Dörnberg (2m tall) and Gustav Hilger (glasses)

14 Nov 1940 Interactive Map

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