10 Dec 1942
  • Yekaterina Budanova shot down two Bf 110 fighters. ww2dbase [Yekaterina Budanova | CPC]
  • No. 1 Demolition Squadron, PPA (Popski's Private Army), commanded by Major Vladimir Peniakoff, became operational as a British Special Forces unit, formed specifically to raid Axis fuel supply lines in North Africa. ww2dbase [AC]
  • The repair work on light cruiser Voroshilov, damaged by mines on 29 Nov 1942, began. ww2dbase [Voroshilov | CPC]
  • Ambra launched three manned torpedoes and ten frogmen against Algiers, French Algeria in Operation NA 1, sinking one cargo ship and damaging two other cargo ships; all Italian torpedo crew members and frogmen were captured at the end of the operation. ww2dbase [Ambra | Algiers | CPC]
  • Satoru Anabuki, flying Ki-43 fighter "Fubuki", shot down a Hurricane fighter over Chittagong, India (now Bangladesh), his fifth victory. ww2dbase [Satoru Anabuki | Chittagong | CPC]
  • The Italian Air Force established the Air Force Assault Engineer Battalion within 1st Air Force Assault Regiment. ww2dbase [CPC]
Japan New Hebrides Pacific Ocean
  • USS Wahoo attacked a Japanese convoy consisted of one tanker and two freighters with one escorting destroyer in the Pacific Ocean, sinking freighter Kamoi Maru with 3 of 4 torpedoes. ww2dbase [Wahoo | CPC]
  • Three transports arrived at Auschwitz Concentration Camp. The first was from the Netherlands with 927 Jews; 39 men and 3 women were registered, and 885 were gassed. The second was from Berlin, Germany with 1,060 Jews; 137 men and 25 women were registered, and 898 were gassed. The third was from Malkinia, Poland with about 2,500 Jews; 524 were registered and about 1,976 were gassed. ww2dbase [Discovery of Concentration Camps and the Holocaust | Auschwitz Concentration Camp | Oswiecim | CPC]
Photo(s) dated 10 Dec 1942
Russian civilians on a street in Leningrad, Russia, 10 Dec 1942; note damaged building in backgroundRussian farmers symbolically handing over KV-1S tanks built with their donations to Soviet tankers, Moscow, Russia, 10 Dec 1942Soviet naval infantrymen manning a machine gun position at the edge of the Gulf of Finland near Leningrad, Russia, 10 Dec 1942

10 Dec 1942 Interactive Map

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