Oil tanker Ohio in the Grand Harbour of Malta, 15 Aug 1942

Caption   Oil tanker Ohio in the Grand Harbour of Malta, 15 Aug 1942 ww2db
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Added By C. Peter Chen
Added Date 9 Apr 2007

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Visitor Submitted Comments

  1. Peter says:
    22 Oct 2008 04:23:46 AM

    What became of the OHIO?
  2. chris stead says:
    26 Sep 2009 03:45:11 PM

    Hi.You probably have info by now.But just in case.OHIO broke her back after the last of oil pumped out.Considered to costly to repair she was towed out towed out to sea in two halves and sunk by gunfire by RN destroyer on 19th September 1946.Regards Chris
  3. Dave says:
    16 Nov 2009 05:57:35 AM

    DOes anyone know which RN destroyer sank the Ohio remnants, and is there a position for the Ohio wreckage?
  4. Anonymous says:
    27 Dec 2009 10:32:02 AM

    How do I get a copy of this picture?
  5. edward galvin says:
    29 Jun 2012 03:44:26 PM

    Is it possible to buy a copy of this photo?

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Modern Day Location
WW2-Era Place Name Valletta, Malta
Lat/Long 35.8950, 14.5206

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