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Ship ClassIbuki-class Light Carrier
BuilderKure Naval Arsenal
Laid Down24 Apr 1942
Launched21 May 1943
Displacement12500 tons standard; 15300 tons full
Power Output72000 SHP
Speed29 knots
Range7,300nm at 18 knots
Armament4x76mm guns, 48x25mm guns, stern rails for 30 depth charges, launchers for 120mm rockets
Flight deck205x23m

Contributor: C. Peter Chen

The heavy cruiser Ibuki was the only ship of her class. She was essentially an improved Mogami design, carrying similar armament and was equipped with heavier armor. Her construction was slowed after the loss of four carriers at Midway as resources were diverted to building new carriers. She was launched at Kure Dockyard, Japan in May 1943, ready for armaments. She was planned to carry a total of ten 200-millimeter guns in five turrets with eight 127-millimeter dual purpose guns. The arming was never complete, however, as it was decided that she would better serve as a light carrier. She was back in the drydock, this time in Sasebo, Japan, in Nov 1943. It was planned for her to carry 27 aircraft in her hangars, and she was to be equipped with a full-size flight deck capable of ferrying 10 to 11 more aircraft. By late 1944, however, Japanese had so few aircraft and pilots that carriers were no longer important for the war effort; as a result, Ibuki's construction slowed, but still continued. On 16 Mar 1945, the construction officially ceased largely due to the lack of materials. She was about 80% complete. After the war, she was scrapped in place, which was completed on 1 Aug 1947.

Source: Wikipedia.

Light Carrier Ibuki Interactive Map


Incomplete light carrier Ibuki being taken apart at Sasebo, Japan, 22 Oct 1946Incomplete light carrier Ibuki being taken apart at Sasebo, Japan, 14 Mar 1947

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Incomplete light carrier Ibuki being taken apart at Sasebo, Japan, 22 Oct 1946
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