USS Ranger

CountryUnited States
Ship ClassRanger-class Aircraft Carrier


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USS Ranger Operational Timeline

4 Jun 1934 America's fourth aircraft carrier, USS Ranger, was commissioned at Norfolk, Virginia, United States under the command of Captain A. L. Bristol. Although smaller than the USS Lexington and USS Saratoga, Ranger was the first US carrier to be designed and built as such from the keel up. Ranger which cost $20,000,000 to build incorporated many design features that led to the more functional vessels of World War II.
19 Jul 1942 Off Accra, British West Africa (now Ghana), USS Ranger launched 72 P-40F fighters for transfer to nearby airfields; they were destined to reinforce the 10th Air Force in India.
19 Jan 1943 USS Ranger launched USAAF P-40 aircraft off Accra, Gold Coast to reinforce Allied forces fighting in North Africa.
4 Oct 1943 The American aircraft carrier, USS Ranger, despatched her air group to attack German shipping at Bodř, Norway. The Ranger's Dauntless and Avenger aircraft sank or damaged ten ships for the loss of five aircraft. This action would be the only carrier strike to be conducted by the US Navy in Northern European waters.


Launching of carrier Ranger, Newport News, Virginia, United States, 25 Feb 1933USS Ranger transiting the Pedro Miguel Locks of the Panama Canal, Apr 7 1935.USS Lexington (left), USS Ranger (center), USS Langley (lower center), USS Saratoga (right), and other warships at anchor off Panama, 1936USS Ranger (foreground), USS Lexington (center), and USS Saratoga (background) at anchor off Honolulu, US Territory of Hawaii, 8 Apr 1936
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Aircraft Carrier USS Ranger Photo Gallery
Launching of carrier Ranger, Newport News, Virginia, United States, 25 Feb 1933
See all 25 photographs of Aircraft Carrier USS Ranger

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