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WW2DB's Sixth Anniversary
29 Dec 2010

The World War II Database website celebrates its sixth anniversary on 29 Dec 2010.

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WW2DB Surpassed the 10,000th Photo Milestone
30 Nov 2010

Nearly six years after the site's official opening, the 10,000th photograph had been added to the WW2DB Photo Gallery.

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Mass Graves Discovered on Ioto/Iwo Jima
26 Oct 2010

Two mass graves that might hold up to 2,000 Japanese soldiers had been discovered on the Pacific Island of Ioto/Iwo Jima.

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Keynote Address at US Naval War College, 4 Jun 2010
13 Oct 2010

Jon Parshall, founder of our partner site CombinedFleet.com and co-author of Shattered Sword, gave a keynote address at the U. S. Naval War College. We are happy to share a video of this presentation with WW2DB visitors.

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US Submarine Attack Data Available on Partner Site
9 Sep 2010

WW2DB's partner site CombinedFleet.com established a new section that allows browsing and searching of US submarine attack data during the Pacific War.

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US Ambassador Attended Hiroshima Memorial
6 Aug 2010

For the first time, a representative of the government of the United States attended the annual memorial ceremony for the destruction of Hiroshima.

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New WW2 Multimedia Website
19 Jul 2010

A new multimedia-centered WW2 website, WW2History.com, has been established by Laurence Rees.

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WW2-era battle site found in Papua New Guinea
9 Jun 2010

Artifacts and Japanese war dead were discovered at the Eora Creek battle site on the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea.

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Reincarnated Sailor Revealed Pearl Harbor Conspiracy [April Fools]
1 Apr 2010

[April Fools] Soviet Union might had given clue of Pearl Harbor attack but failed to inform the United States, according to a reincarnated sailor.

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Commission Announced Official Dresden Bombing Death Toll
18 Mar 2010

An official German report places the death toll of the Feb 1945 Dresden bombing at 25,000.

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What Happened in WW2 Today?
1 Feb 2010

Interested in what had happened today in history? Join WW2DB on Facebook and Twitter!

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National WWII Museum to Host Conference
31 Jan 2010

The National WWII Museum in the United States is to host an international conference on WW2 in Mar 2010.

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