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WW2DB's Fourth Anniversary
29 Dec 2008

The World War II Database website celebrates its fourth anniversary on 29 Dec 2008

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C. Peter Chen Joins CombinedFleet.com Team
1 Dec 2008

WW2DB's managing editor C. Peter Chen joins the staff of the venerable CombinedFleet.com website.

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Nurse of Times Square Photo Fame Led NYC Veterans Day Parade
11 Nov 2008

Edith Shain, the nurse of the celebrated Time Square kiss photograph, led the New York City parade today in celebration of Veterans Day.

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Ashes of USS Indianapolis Survivor Buried at Sea
5 Nov 2008

US Navy Boatswain Mate 2nd Class Eugene Morgan, survivor of USS Indianapolis' sinking in 1945, was buried at sea where the cruiser sank more than 60 years ago.

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Japanese Air Force Chief to be Fired for WW2 Opinion
31 Oct 2008

General Toshio Tamogami, head of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, is to be removed from office after noting in a personal essay that Japan was not an aggressor during WW2.

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Passing of Manhattan Project Spy Chief
29 Oct 2008

US Army Major Robert R. Furman, Manhattan Project's head intelligence officer, passed away on 14 Oct 2008.

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Takao-class Book Review Published at CombinedFleet.com
17 Sep 2008

Steve Wiper's book Warship Pictorial #30: IJN Takao Class Cruisers has reviewed by CombinedFleet.com.

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Former German Army Officer to be Tried
15 Sep 2008

Former German Army officer Josef Scheungraber will stand trial for alleged role in the massacre at an Italian village in 1944.

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Unresolved Dokdo/Takeshima Issue Continues to Stir Controversy
14 Jul 2008

The possession of the Dokdo/Takeshima islands were not clearly defined after the Korean independence from Japan after WW2, and the issue continues to harm Korean-Japanese relations today.

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Hunting Nazi Doctor Heim
9 Jul 2008

War criminal Aribert Heim is said to be in Chile or Argentina, and Nazi Hunter travelled to South America to raise awareness to aid his capture.

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New Photo Galleries Established at ww2db.com
30 Jun 2008

WW2DB.com galleries have been expanded to include photographs of vehicles, weapons, and those taken recently.

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Upcoming WW2 Movies
2 Jun 2008

Several WW2-themed movies are coming to theaters near you!

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British Flight Marked Anniversary of Dambuster Raid
16 May 2008

A flight by a Lancaster bomber marked the 65th Anniversary of the famous Dambuster Raid and the lost of the 53 crewmembers who were lost during Operation Chastise.

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WW2 Libel Case in Japan Dismissed
28 Mar 2008

The libel case against Nobel Prize winning author Kenzaburo Oe had been thrown out by Japanese judges. Oe is now free of the accusation that he falsified Japanese's war time past.

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Midway Today
26 Mar 2008

BBC environment correspondent David Shukman reported on what Midway looked like 60-some years after the namesake battle.

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Wrecks of Kormoran and Sydney Found off Australia
19 Mar 2008

66 years after the sinkings, the wreck of the German merchant raider Kormoran and Australian light cruiser Sydney were finally located.

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Belgium to Pay $170m for Nazi-era Looting
12 Mar 2008

Belgian government and banks agreed to compensate victims of the WW2-era collaboration policies.

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Frozen WW2-era Airman Identified
11 Mar 2008

Cadet Ernest G. Munn became missing after his aircraft crashed in California, United States on 18 Nov 1942. His remains were finally found in 2007 and identified recently.

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Upcoming WW2 Movies
12 Feb 2008

Two exciting WW2 titles are being released this year.

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Passing of Iwo Jima Flag Raiser Raymond Jacobs
4 Feb 2008

Raymond Jacobs, among the group to raise the first flag atop Mount Suribachi, passed away at the age of 82.

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Death Photo of Ernie Pyle Found
4 Feb 2008

After 60 years, the photograph of Ernie Pyle's death finally surfaced.

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'Hitler's Lost Fleet' Found in Black Sea
3 Feb 2008

Three German submarines, stranded in the Black Sea and forced to scuttle in 1944, are found off Turkey.

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WW2DB Feature Articles at seopher.com, Part 4
25 Jan 2008

The fourth and final part of a series written by C. Peter Chen of ww2db.com for seopher.com briefly describes ww2db's monetization methods.

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WW2DB Feature Articles at seopher.com, Part 3
24 Jan 2008

The third of the four-part series written by C. Peter Chen of ww2db.com for seopher.com focuses how he used link building to grow ww2db's readership.

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WW2DB Feature Articles at seopher.com, Part 2
23 Jan 2008

In this second installment in a four-part series on seopher.com, WW2DB shares its successful search engine optimization strategy which lands WW2DB on the first page of Google search results for popular keywords such as "Battle of Iwo Jima" and others.

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WW2DB Feature Articles at seopher.com, Part 1
22 Jan 2008

WW2DB.com shares its secrets on seopher.com on building a successful niche site in this first of a four-part series.

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Audio Book Giveaway
14 Jan 2008

WW2DB is giving away a copy of Andrew Nagorski's The Greatest Battle audio book for one lucky winner! Hurry, the deadline for entries is 31 Jan 2008!

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Social Bookmark Your Favorite WW2DB Pages
4 Jan 2008

WW2DB is now ready for your favorite social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Facebook, StumbleUpon, and others.

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