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WW2DB's Fifth Anniversary
29 Dec 2009

The World War II Database website celebrates its fifth anniversary on 29 Dec 2009.

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'Arbeit macht frei' Sign Stolen from Auschwitz
18 Dec 2009

The famous "Arbeit macht frei" sign at the gate of Auschwitz Memorial Museum had been stolen.

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Former SS Boere Admitted to Killings in Court
8 Dec 2009

In a court of law in Germany, former member of Waffen SS Heinrich Boere had admitted to killing three Dutch civilians in 1944, but said he was following orders.

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Bob Hackett of CombinedFleet.com and Discovery of Two Japanese Subs
13 Nov 2009

Two WW2-era Japanese submarines I-14 and I-201 had been found off the Hawaii Islands, and CombinedFleet.com's contributor Bob Hackett is among the experts consulted in related projects.

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Former SS Boere on Trial in Germany
28 Oct 2009

Former member of Waffen SS Heinrich Boere was put on trial for the 1944 killing of three Dutch men.

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Auschwitz Facebook Page
14 Oct 2009

The Auschwitz Museum launched a Facebook Page to engage visitors interested in the history of the Holocaust.

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Stalin's Grandson Suing Newspaper for Defamation
8 Oct 2009

WW2-era Russian dictator Joseph Stalin was reported by a newspaper to have personally ordered the deaths of Soviet citizens; his grandson sued the newspaper, claiming that the newspaper had lied.

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CSU to Grant Degrees to Japanese-American Internees
24 Sep 2009

California State University system in the United States decided to grant degrees to students whose education was interrupted by the mandatory relocation of Japanese-Americans during WW2.

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Poland Remembering the Start of the European War
1 Sep 2009

Ceremonies held in Poland commemorated the German invasion that began to the European War.

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The 2009 Military History Weekend
16 Aug 2009

A three-day military history event is to take place in Williamsburg, Virginia, United States from 16 to 18 Oct 2009.

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2,000+ Unidentified Remains Reburied in Poland
14 Aug 2009

Over 2,000 people discovered in a mass grave were reburied in the Polish village of Stare Czarnowo.

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Time Out Magazine Picks '50 Greatest WWII Movies'
12 Aug 2009

The London edition of Time Out magazine compiled a list of 50 WW2-related films; Come and See came out on top as #1.

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Former German Officer Sentenced to Life
11 Aug 2009

Josef Scheungraber is to be imprisoned for life for ordering a WW2-era mass killing in an Italian village.

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Photo #7,000 Reached, Contest Winner Named
7 Aug 2009

WW2DB reaches the 7,000 photos milestone, and a winner is named for the contest.

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Guess the topic of photo #7,000 and win a link
30 Jul 2009

As WW2DB's photo gallery is nearing photo number 7,000, a contest is being held for visitors to guess what the topic of photo number 7,000 will be.

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Four New Book Reviews at CombinedFleet.com
22 Jul 2009

CombinedFleet.com just added book reviews for Clash of Carriers, At Dawn We Slept, Imperial Japanese Navy Aircraft Carriers 1921-45, and Pearl Harbor 1941.

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WW2DB is Now on Facebook!
11 Jul 2009

WW2DB is building a community for WW2 history enthusiasts on the social networking site Facebook.

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US President Awards WW2-era Female Pilots
2 Jul 2009

President Barack Obama signed a measure to award female pilots of the WASP with Congressional Gold Medals.

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WW2DB's Guest Contribution at WWARII.com
26 Jun 2009

WW2 history website WWARII.com has invited WW2DB's C. Peter Chen to contribute as a guest. The two-part series is now posted!

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UK Considered Using Biological and Chemical Weapons
26 Jun 2009

Documents made available by the UK National Archives on 26 Jun 2009 suggested that the British considered options of biological and chemical attacks.

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Vehicles section unveiled at WW2DB
1 Jun 2009

WW2DB opened a new section for WW2-era vehicles.

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New book on Battle of Surigao Strait available
14 May 2009

Anthony P. Tully's new book Battle of Surigao Strait is now available for purchase.

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WW2DB featured by Fox News
10 Apr 2009

The World War II Database has been featured by Fox News as the "Website of the Day".

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Adolf Hitler confirmed to have lived in Argentina until 1957 [April Fools]
1 Apr 2009

[April Fools] Evidence of Adolf Hitler surviving the war and living in Argentina has been found, according to the FBI.

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Thomas Houlihan's new book Kriegsprache is now available
30 Mar 2009

WW2DB contributor Thomas Houlihan has published a WW2-era German military glossary.

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USS Edsall Book Review Published at CombinedFleet.com
27 Mar 2009

Don Kehn's book A Blue Sea of Blood: Deciphering the Mysterious Fate of USS EDSALL has reviewed by CombinedFleet.com.

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Yamaguchi Certified as Survivor of Both Atomic Bombings
25 Mar 2009

Tsutomu Yamaguchi became the first and only government-certified survivor of both the Hiroshima bombing of 6 Aug 1945 and the Nagasaki bombing of 9 Aug 1945.

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WW2DB Featured as Cool Site of the Day
12 Mar 2009

World War II Database is featured as the "Cool Site of the Day" at the namesake website.

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CombinedFleet.com Book Reviews
23 Feb 2009

Book reviews of partner site CombinedFleet.com are now indexed at WW2DB.

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Kongo-class Book Review Published at CombinedFleet.com
26 Jan 2009

Steve Wiper's book ShipCraft #9: Kongo Class Battle Cruisers has reviewed by CombinedFleet.com.

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WW2-era Mass Grave Found in Poland
13 Jan 2009

Polish construction workers uncovered a mass grave that might hold 1,800 bodies of missing Germans.

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