5 Jul 1942
  • Japanese hospital ship Hikawa Maru departed Menado, Celebes. ww2dbase [Hikawa Maru | CPC]
  • Operation R√∂sselsprung was canceled and battleship Tirpitz reversed course for Bogen near Narvik, Norway. ww2dbase [Tirpitz | CPC]
  • Units of the German 4.Panzerarmee reached the Don River above and below Voronezh, Russia. In Ukraine, Soviet resistance in the Crimea region ended. ww2dbase [Caucasus Campaign | TH]
  • USS Finback attacked two Japanese destroyers in the Central Pacific, firing six torpedoes and claimed one hit. She was counterattacked with depth charges. ww2dbase [Finback | CPC]
  • USS Growler attacked Japanese destroyers in Kiska Harbor, Kiska, Aleutian Islands, damaging Kasumi (10 were killed), damaging Shiranui (3 were killed), and sinking Arare (104 were killed, 42 survived). ww2dbase [Growler | Kiska Harbor, Aleutian Islands | CPC]
Arctic Ocean
  • The scattered Allied convoy PQ-17 was hunted down by German submarines and aircraft piecemeal throughout the day; British freighter Empire Byron (by U-703 at 0827 hours; 7 were killed, 63 survived), civilian commodore J. C. K. Dowding's ship River Afton (by U-703 at 2102 hours; 26 were killed, 38 survived)), British ship Earlston (by U-334 at 1747 hours; all 52 aboard survived), Washington, Bolton Castle, Paulus Potter (abandoned after Ju 88 attack; carrying 34 tanks, 15 aircraft, 103 trucks, and 2,250 tons of general goods; 51 crew, 14 gunners, and 11 passengers took to boats), Pan Kraft, US ship Carlton (by U-88 at 1015 hours; 3 were killed, 42 survived), Fairfield City, Daniel Morgan (by U-88 at 2252 hours; 3 were killed, 51 survived), Peter Kerr, British fleet oiler Aldersdale (fatally damaged by aircraft and abandoned), British rescue ship Zaafaran, and Honomu (by U-456 at 1431 hours; 13 were killed, 28 survived) were all destroyed. Meanwhile, Allied convoy QP-13 was sailing in the opposite direction; British minesweeper HMS Niger, in escort, entered a British minefield due to navigation error, struck a mine, and sank 10 miles north of Iceland at 2240 hours, killing 149; the 36 merchant ships of the convoy, following Niger's lead, also entered the minefield; 5 merchant ships would sink, 1 would sustain damage. ww2dbase [Arctic Convoys | Barents Sea | CPC, HM]
Australia Baltic Sea
  • Soviet submarine ShCh-320 sank German coastal freighter Anna Katrin Fritzen off Memelland, Germany (Memel, occupied Latvia) at 1151 hours. ww2dbase [ShCh-320 | CPC]
  • The battlefields near El Alamein, Egypt entered a period of relative lull as Axis forces halted due to lack of supplies and the Allied forces planned for a counter offensive. ww2dbase [First Battle of El Alamein | El Alamein | CPC]
Hawaii United Kingdom
  • Avro York aircraft took its maiden flight at Manchester, England, United Kingdom. ww2dbase [York | Manchester, England | AC]
Photo(s) dated 5 Jul 1942
Destroyer USS Shaw off Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Vallejo, California, United States after being fitted with a new bow section, 5 Jul 1942.

5 Jul 1942 Interactive Map

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