Prison Camps

Auschwitz Concentration Camp  Prison Camp  Oswiecim  Poland  
Belzec Concentration Camp  Prison Camp  Belzec, Lublin  Poland  
Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp  Prison Camp  Bergen, Ost-Hannover  Germany  
Buchenwald Concentration Camp  Prison Camp  Weimar, Weimar  Germany  
Camp Aliceville  Prison Camp  Aliceville, Alabama  United States  
Camp Atterbury  Army Base, Prison Camp  Edinburgh, Indiana  United States  
Camp Carson  Army Base, Prison Camp  El Paso, Colorado  United States  
Camp Concordia  Prison Camp  Concordia, Kansas  United States  
Camp Papago Park  Prison Camp  Phoenix, Arizona  United States  
Camp Tonkawa  Prison Camp  Tonkawa, Oklahoma  United States  
Changi Prison and Selarang Barracks  Prison Camp  Changi, Singapore  Singapore  
Chelmno Concentration Camp  Prison Camp  Chelmno nad Nerem, Konin  Poland  
Colditz Castle  Prison Camp  Colditz, Sachsen  Germany  
Dachau Concentration Camp  Prison Camp  Dachau, M├╝nchen-Oberbayern  Germany  
Davao Penal Colony  Prison Camp  Davao, Davao  Philippines  
Drancy Concentration Camp  Prison Camp  Paris  France  
Flossenb├╝rg Concentration Camp  Prison Camp  Flossenb├╝rg, Bayreuth  Germany  
Fort Breendonk  Prison Camp  Breendonk  Belgium  
Fresnes Prison  Prison Camp  Fresnes, ├Äle-de-France  France  
Fuchu Prison  Prison Camp  Tokyo  Japan  
Hadamar Euthanasia Center  Prison Camp  Hadamar, Hessen-Nassau  Germany  
HASAG Leipzig  Prison Camp, Factory  Fl├Âsenberg, Bayreuth  Germany  
Hotel Hershey  Prison Camp  Hershey, Pennsylvania  United States  
Jerome War Relocation Center  Prison Camp  Jerome, Arkansas  United States  
Kaufering Concentration Camp  Prison Camp  Kaufering, M├╝nchen-Oberbayern  Germany  
Lefortovo Prison  Prison Camp  Moscow, Moscow  Russia  
Longhua Civilian Assembly Center  Prison Camp  Shanghai  China  
Lubyanka Building  Government Building, Prison Camp  Moscow, Moscow  Russia  
Majdanek Concentration Camp  Prison Camp  Lublin, Lublin  Poland  
Manzanar War Relocation Center  Prison Camp  Manzanar, California  United States  
Marlag und Milag Nord  Prison Camp  Westertimke, Weser-Ems  Germany  
Mauthausen-Gusen Concentration Camp  Prison Camp  Mauthausen, Oberdonau  Austria  
Oranienburg Concentration Camp  Prison Camp  Oranienburg, Mark Brandenburg  Germany  
Ostashkov Special Camp  Prison Camp  Ostashkov, Tver  Russia  
Petrozavodsk Concentration Camp  Prison Camp  Petrozavodsk, Karelia  Russia  
Portland Assembly Center  Prison Camp  Portland, Oregon  United States  
Puyallup Assembly Center  Prison Camp  Puyallup, Washington  United States  
Ravensbr├╝ck Concentration Camp  Prison Camp  Ravensbr├╝ck, Mark Brandenburg  Germany  
Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp  Prison Camp  Oranienburg, Mark Brandenburg  Germany  
Sobib├│r Concentration Camp  Prison Camp  Sobib├│r, Lublin  Poland  
Stanley Prison and St Stephen's College  Prison Camp    Hong Kong  
Taihoku Prison  Prison Camp  Taihoku, Taihoku  Taiwan  
Taihoku Prisoner of War Camp No 6  Prison Camp  Taihoku, Taihoku  Taiwan  
Theresienstadt Concentration Camp  Prison Camp  Terez├şn, Cechy  Czechoslovakia  
Treblinka Concentration Camp  Prison Camp  Treblinka, Masovian  Poland  
Vorkuta Forced Labor Camp  Prison Camp  Vorkuta, Komi  Russia  
Wauwilermoos Military Prison  Prison Camp  Egolzwil, Lucerne  Switzerland  
Weixian Internment Camp  Prison Camp  Wei, Shandong  China  
Westerbork Concentration Camp  Prison Camp  Hooghalen, Drenthe  Netherlands  

Prison Camps Interactive Map

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Contributors: Alan Chanter, C. Peter Chen, David Stubblebine

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