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1 Jan 1935
  • Werner Mölders began receiving fighter pilot instructions at the flying school in Tutow, Germany and the Jagdfliegerschule near Munich, Germany. [Main Article | CPC]
  • Admiral Canaris was appointed head of the German Abwehr (Military Intelligence Department). [Main Article | AC]
3 Jan 1935

Photo(s) dated 3 Jan 1935
Irina Burnaia and Petre Ivanovici with an IAR-22 aircraft, 3 Jan 1935
4 Jan 1935

Hong Kong
7 Jan 1935
  • The League of Nations approved the results of the Saar plebiscite, which allowed Saar to be incorporated into German borders. [CPC]
  • The prototype Ki-9 trainer aircraft took its first flight. [Main Article | CPC]
8 Jan 1935

  • Cavalrymen of the separatist Mongolian People's Army clashed with a patrol consisted Japanese troops and Manchukoan puppet troops at Khalkhyn Temple northeast of Buir Lake in Xing'an Province, China. A Japanese officer was killed in the engagement. [CPC]
  • The Gestapo prison Columbia-Haus in Berlin, Germany became a concentration camp. [Main Article | CPC]
10 Jan 1935

Photo(s) dated 10 Jan 1935
Memphis in San Diego Harbor, California, United States, 10 Jan 1935USS Marblehead underway in San Diego harbor, California, United States, 10 Jan 1935
11 Jan 1935 United States
  • Amelia Earhart became the first person to fly solo from Honolulu, US Territory of Hawaii to Oakland, California, United States. [CPC]
12 Jan 1935

Photo(s) dated 12 Jan 1935
Hitler Youth children at Herrmann Göring
13 Jan 1935
  • The plebiscite for Saar began; result of votes would later reveal that 90% of residents voted to join Germany. [CPC]
Photo(s) dated 13 Jan 1935
Leeb, Fritsch, Himmler, Blomberg, Raeder, Rundstedt, and Wachenfeld at a dinner, Germany, 13 Jan 1935
19 Jan 1935
  • The US Marine Corps' Fleet Marine Force units began their participation in the Fleet Landing Exercise No. 1 at Culebra, Puerto Rico under Brigadier General Charles H . Lyman and in the joint exercises with the Special Service and Training Squadrons of the US Fleet in the Caribbean area. [CPC]
25 Jan 1935

Photo(s) dated 25 Jan 1935
Chairman of the Nationalist Government Lin Sen with others, 25 Jan 1935Wang Jingwei, Lin Sen, and Italian Ambassador to China Vincenzo Lojacono shortly after Lojacono had delivered his credentials, Nanjing, China, 25 Jan 1935
27 Jan 1935

Photo(s) dated 27 Jan 1935
Yamashiro moored off Yokosuka, Japan, 27 Jan 1935
28 Jan 1935

  • Émile Bertin was commissioned into service. [Main Article | CPC]
30 Jan 1935
  • A decree for the Structure of the German Commune was published. This gave the NSDAF the authority to approve all office holders at communal level. Most local town mayors were already Nazi Party members and this decree strengthened the Party's control over every subsequent public appointment. [AC]
8 Feb 1935
  • US Congress voted for a 10-year transition for the full independence of the Philippine Islands. [CPC]
  • The Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines was approved by the Filipino Constitutional Convention by a vote of 177 to 1. [CPC]
12 Feb 1935
  • The US Navy's dirigible USS Macon (ZRS-5) crashed into the sea off California, United States as a result of a tail unit structural failure. Two crewmen perished and four F9C-2 fighters were lost in the accident. [AC]
  • ShCh-320 was launched at Leningrad, Russia. [Main Article | CPC]
18 Feb 1935

United Kingdom
  • The British Air Ministry issued Contract No. 357483/34 to Hawker Aviation for one example of what was later to be called Hurricane fighter for evaluation. [Main Article | CPC]
Photo(s) dated 18 Feb 1935
P-26 Peashooter fighters of USAAC 17th Pursuit Group at rest, March Field, California, United States, 18 Feb 1935
21 Feb 1935

United Kingdom
  • British firm Rolls-Royce conducted the first flight test of the PV-12 engine, which would later be known as Merlin. [CPC]
23 Feb 1935

  • Kliment Voroshilov was awarded the Order of Lenin for the first time. [Main Article | CPC]
25 Feb 1935

  • The prototype He 111 medium bomber made its maiden flight with test pilot Gerhard Nitschke at the controls. [Main Article | AC]
26 Feb 1935
  • Adolf Hitler officially created the Luftwaffe (German Air Force) with Hermann Göring as its Commander-in-Chief. Walther Wever assumed the role of the Chief of Air Staff and Erhard Milch became the Secretary of State for Air. The independent branch started off with 1,888 aircraft and 20,000 men. [CPC]
  • During the Daventry Experiment, Robert Watson-Watt carries out a demonstration that led to the development of radar in the United Kingdom. [CPC]
1 Mar 1935
  • Saar officially became part of Germany after the Jan 1935 plebiscite. [CPC]
United States
  • The US Army Air Corps established the General Headquarters Air Force as a new formation, under the command of Brigadier General Frank M. Andrews. This was seen by many proponents of air power as the first move towards establishing an autonomous US Air Force. [AC]
  • US Army established the General Headquarters Air Force to control all combat air units based within the United States. [CPC]
2 Mar 1935

United States
  • Henry Arnold was promoted to the temporary rank of brigadier general. [Main Article | CPC]
3 Mar 1935

  • The keel of the German battlecruiser Gneisenau was laid down at Deutschewerke Kiel, Germany. [Main Article | AC]
9 Mar 1935
  • The German government announced the establishment of a new national air force-the Luftwaffe. [AC]
United States
  • Henry Arnold was named the wing commander of the First Wing of the US Army Air Corps, based at March Field, Moreno Valley, California, United States. [Main Article | CPC]
12 Mar 1935

Photo(s) dated 12 Mar 1935
German officials Alfred Rosenberg, Paul von Rübenach, and Konstantin von Neurath in Berlin speaking with Japanese counterparts in Tokyo, 12 Mar 1935
13 Mar 1935
  • The US Marine Corps' Fleet Marine Force units completed the Fleet Landing Exercise No. 1 at Culebra, Puerto Rico. [CPC]
14 Mar 1935
  • Germany re-established conscription into the armed forces. [AC]
15 Mar 1935
  • In the Hohnstein trial in Dresden, Germany, members of the SA organization who staffed the Hohenstein Concentration Camp were sentenced to prison for mistreating concentration camp prisoners; in Nov of the same year, they were all pardoned without exception. [Main Article | CPC]
  • Nobutake Kondo was named the chief of staff of the Japanese Navy Combined Fleet. [Main Article | CPC]
  • Do 18A prototype flying boat took its maiden flight. [Main Article | CPC]
16 Mar 1935
  • Adolf Hitler announced mandatory military conscription; it was the first of many violations of Versailles Treaty restrictions to be committed by Germany. [TH]
  • Heinrich Himmler established the SS-Verfügungstruppe (Special Task Troops). [Main Article | AC]
20 Mar 1935

Photo(s) dated 20 Mar 1935
Japanese cruiser Mogami running trials off Sukumo Bay, Shikoku, Japan, 20 Mar 1935
23 Mar 1935

United States
  • US President Franklin Roosevelt approved the Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines. [Main Article | CPC]
24 Mar 1935
  • Avro Type 652 Anson took its first flight. [Main Article | CPC]
Photo(s) dated 24 Mar 1935
Irina Burnaia and Petre Ivanovici at the Băneasa airport in Bucharest, Romania, 24 Mar 1935
26 Mar 1935

United Kingdom
  • Driving tests were introduced in the United Kingdom. [AC]
28 Mar 1935

United States
  • Dr. Robert H. Goddard recorded the first successful launch of his gyroscopically stabilized rocket, attaining an altitude of 4,800 ft and a speed of 560 mph. [AC]
29 Mar 1935
  • The US House of Representatives passed the bill HR 4016 which provided the US Marine Corps the same system of promotion and retirement as that of the US Navy. [CPC]
1 Apr 1935
  • In Germany a nationwide network of clinics for racial hygiene was established with the aim of collecting and processing data about citizens' racial purity. The information obtained would provide a perverse instrument for social discrimination throughout the country. [Main Article | AC]
  • Rudolf Höss was promoted to the rank of SS-Scharführer. [Main Article | CPC]
  • Hitler formally announced the re-establishment of the German armed forces outside the terms permitted by the Versailles treaty. [Main Article | AC]
  • The German Air Force (Luftwaffe) was established with Hermann Göring as its Commander-in-Chief. [Main Article | AC]
  • The construction for U-27 was ordered. [Main Article | CPC]
  • Georg von Küchler was made the inspector of the military academy. [Main Article | CPC]
  • Maximilian von Weichs was promoted to the rank of Generalleutnant. [Main Article | CPC]
2 Apr 1935

  • He Yingqin was promoted to the rank of general first class. [Main Article | CPC]
United Kingdom
  • Robert Watson-Watt received a patent to develop a device to detect aircraft. [AC]
Photo(s) dated 2 Apr 1935
Japanese stamps issued on 2 Apr 1935 commemorating the visit of Emperor Puyi of puppet nation Manchukuo; note the White Pagoda of Manchukuo city Liaoyang and Japanese battleship Hiei
3 Apr 1935

  • Jiang Dingwen was promoted to the rank of general second class. [Main Article | CPC]
6 Apr 1935

Photo(s) dated 6 Apr 1935
Commemorative card and stamp of Kangde EmperorCrew of USS Augusta, Shanghai, China, 6 Apr 1935; note Chester Nimitz front row just left of the life preserver and Lewis Puller in front row, third from rightEmperor Showa at Tokyo Station, Japan, 6 Apr 1935
7 Apr 1935

Photo(s) dated 7 Apr 1935
USS Ranger transiting the Pedro Miguel Locks of the Panama Canal, Apr 7 1935.
10 Apr 1935

  • Reichminister Hermann Göring married his second wife, Emmy Sonnemann. His devotion to his first wife, Countess Carin von Kantzow and Emmy was accounted a weakness by the Nazis. [Main Article | AC]
  • Submarine ShCh-324 was launched at Gorkiy, Russia. [Main Article | CPC]
13 Apr 1935
  • The first through passenger air service between Brisbane, Australia, and London, England, United Kingdom was opened. QANTAS Empire Airways flew the initial stages and the cost of the 12.5 day journey was £195. [AC]
18 Apr 1935

  • Captain Shojiro Mizusaki was named the commanding officer of Settsu. [Main Article | CPC]
Photo(s) dated 18 Apr 1935
Houston anchored off San Pedro, California, United States, 18 Apr 1935
19 Apr 1935
  • Monaghan was commissioned into service. [Main Article | CPC]
  • Chen Changjie was promoted to the permanent rank of brigadier general. [Main Article | CPC]
22 Apr 1935

Photo(s) dated 22 Apr 1935
San Francisco off San Pedro, California, 22 Apr 1935Indianapolis off San Pedro, California, United States, Terminal Island and Long Beach in background, 22 Apr 1935
25 Apr 1935

  • Prince Nagahisa married Sachiko Tokugawa. [Main Article | CPC]
26 Apr 1935

Photo(s) dated 26 Apr 1935
Wedding photo of Prince Nagahisa and Sachiko Tokugawa, 26 Apr 1935
29 Apr 1935

United States
  • The US Marine Corps' Fleet Marine Force units on the west coast of the United States began their participation in the landing operations of US Fleet Problem XVI and in the establishment of a base at Midway. [CPC]
1 May 1935
  • A mistake by the US Government Printing Office, which leaked the construction of three air bases in northern United States per War Plan Red in preparation of war against the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, was published on the front page of the New York Times. War Plan Red was to be officially terminated in 1939. [CPC]
Photo(s) dated 1 May 1935
Nazi Party Maifeiertag celebration at Lustgarten, Berlin, Germany, 1 May 1935Hitler Youth members climbing window bars to observe May Day celebrations, Lustgarten, Berlin, Germany, 1 May 1935
2 May 1935
  • With the announcement that Germany was rearming, and the failure of a French plan to create an alliance of Germany, Poland and the Soviet Union, France concluded a separate alliance with the Soviet Union. [AC]
  • Aging Australian cruiser HMAS Brisbane was recommissioned for the purpose of transferring a crew to Britain for operating the future cruiser HMAS Sydney (currently HMS Phaeton). Brisbane departed for Britain later on this day. [Main Article | CPC]
6 May 1935

United Kingdom
  • King George V of Great Britain celebrated his Silver Jubilee. [AC]
13 May 1935
  • In Russia, the Central Committee ordered a purge to be carried out to investigate the illicit use of Party membership cards. [AC]
14 May 1935

  • The people of the Philippine Islands ratified the Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines via a popular vote. [CPC]
18 May 1935
  • The world's worst air disaster to date, involving a heavier-than-air craft, occurred when the Soviet ANT-20 "Maxim Gorky" collided with another aircraft near Tushino, Russia, killing 56 on board. [AC]
19 May 1935
  • T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) died after being involved in a motorcycle accident six days earlier. [AC]
20 May 1935

Photo(s) dated 20 May 1935
Shark nearly ready for launching at the Electric Boat Company shipyard, Groton, Connecticut, United States, 20 May 1935
21 May 1935
  • German military required "Aryan heritage" for service. [CPC]
  • Werner Mölders received the Pilot's Badge of the Luftwaffe. [Main Article | CPC]
  • Zheng Xiaoxu resigned as the Prime Minister of the puppet state of Manchukuo. [Main Article | CPC]
  • Zhang Jinghui was named the second Prime Minister of the puppet state of Manchukuo. [Main Article | CPC]
  • Zang Shiyi was named the Manchukuo Speaker of the Legislature. [Main Article | CPC]
  • Xi Qia stepped down as the Minister of Finance of the Japanese-sponsored puppet state of Manchukuo and became the Imperial Household Minister of the Aisin Gioro royal clan. [Main Article | CPC]
Photo(s) dated 21 May 1935
Shark immediately after launching at the Electric Boat Company shipyard, Groton, Connecticut, United States, 21 May 1935
25 May 1935
  • "The Tentative Landing Operations Manual, 1935" was approved by US Navy's Chief of Naval Operations, containing theories on amphibious landings. [CPC]
28 May 1935
  • The first flight of Willy Messerschmitt's Bf 109 fighter took place. Powered by a 695 horsepower Rolls Royce Kestrel engine, the Bf 109 fighter was the first all-metal stressed-skin monocoque single seat fighter monoplane with an enclosed cockpit and retractable undercarriage to enter service. The Bf 109 fighter proved so successful that over 30,000 would ultimately be built before the end of the war. [Main Article | AC]
  • Eva Braun attempted suicide by taking Phanodorm, which was a drug usually prescribed to help with sleeping. [Main Article | CPC]
29 May 1935

  • The French luxury liner Normandie departed Le Havre, France on her maiden voyage, reaching New York, United States in four days, three hours and thirteen minutes, winning the Blue Riband from the Italian liner Rex. [AC]
1 Jun 1935
  • First World War fighter ace Ernst Udet joined the Luftwaffe with the rank of colonel (Oberst). Official funds were made available to purchase two American Helldiver aircraft for Udet's personal use as a bribe to entice him back into the military fold. [AC]
  • German Army formed the Mountain Brigade. [CPC]
3 Jun 1935

Photo(s) dated 3 Jun 1935
Naval gunners practicing the overhauling of a 7-inch gun, Washington Navy Yard, Washington DC, United States, 3 Jun 1935
6 Jun 1935

United States
  • The keel of submarine Permit was laid down by the Electric Boat Company in Groton, Connecticut, United States. [Main Article | Facility | CPC]
Photo(s) dated 6 Jun 1935
Saratoga landing aircraft, 6 Jun 1935
7 Jun 1935

  • Pierre Laval became the 112th Prime Minister of France. [Main Article | CPC]
8 Jun 1935

Photo(s) dated 8 Jun 1935
Sailors in coppersmith class, Washington Navy Yard, Washington DC, United States, 8 Jun 1935
12 Jun 1935
  • The US Marine Corps' Fleet Marine Force units on the west coast of the United States completed their participation in the landing operations of US Fleet Problem XVI. [CPC]
15 Jun 1935
  • China instituted the Order of the Cloud and Banner to award those who contributed to the cause of national security. [CPC]
  • Haiqi departed Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China. [Main Article | CPC]
18 Jun 1935
  • The Anglo-German Naval Agreement was signed, limiting the German Navy to 35% of the British Navy. [Main Article | CPC]
19 Jun 1935

  • Xie Jieshi was made the Manchukuo ambassador plenipotentiary to Japan. [Main Article | CPC]
28 Jun 1935

  • ShCh-313 was launched at Leningrad, Russia. [Main Article | CPC]
30 Jun 1935
  • Werner Mölders completed fighter pilot training at the flying school in Tutow, Germany and the Jagdfliegerschule in Schleißheim, Germany. [Main Article | CPC]
  • The active duty strength of the US Marine Corps was reported to be 1,163 officers and 16,097 enlisted men for a total of 17,260. [CPC]
1 Jul 1935
  • Quintin Brand was promoted to the rank of group captain. [Main Article | CPC]
  • Rudolf Höss was promoted to the rank of SS-Oberscharführer. [Main Article | CPC]
  • Werner Mölders was posted to I./JG 162 "Immelmann". [Main Article | CPC]
  • Nikolaus von Falkenhorst was promoted to the rank of Generalmajor. [Main Article | CPC]
Photo(s) dated 1 Jul 1935
Destroyers Smith and Preston under construction at the Mare Island Navy Yard, California, United States, 1 Jul 1935
6 Jul 1935

United Kingdom
  • HMS Amphion was commissioned into service. [Main Article | CPC]
9 Jul 1935

United States
10 Jul 1935
  • Stalin and Molotov signed the Central Committee resolution "On the master plan for the reconstruction of Moscow". The ten-year programme, it was proposed, would more than double the area of the capital. [Main Article | AC]
United States
  • Lawrence Bell founded the Bell Aircraft Corporation at Buffalo, New York, United States. [AC]
12 Jul 1935

United Kingdom
  • Aging Australian cruiser HMAS Brisbane arrived in Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom with a crew for operating the future cruiser HMAS Sydney (currently HMS Phaeton). [Main Article | CPC]
13 Jul 1935
  • William Leahy was promoted to the rank of vice admiral. [Main Article | CPC]
17 Jul 1935

  • Marseillaise was launched at Nantes, France. [Main Article | CPC]
24 Jul 1935

Photo(s) dated 24 Jul 1935
Nose turret of XB-17 Model 299 prototype bomber, 24 Jul 1935
26 Jul 1935

United States
  • A group of anti-Nazi demonstrators boarded the German ship Bremen in New York harbour in eastern United States, tore down the Nazi flag and threw it in the Hudson river. A protest by the German consul was met by US officials declaring that the swastika flag was not the recognised national flag of Germany. [AC]
28 Jul 1935 United States
  • The company-funded Boeing Model 299 prototype aircraft (later B-17 Flying Fortress), piloted by Leslie R. Tower, made its maiden flight from Boeing Field, Seattle, United States. [Main Article | AC]
31 Jul 1935

  • Jean de Vienne was launched at Lorient, France. [Main Article | CPC]
1 Aug 1935
  • Edward Brooks was promoted to the rank of major. [Main Article | CPC]
  • Crown Prince Yi Un was promoted to the rank of colonel in the Japanese Army and was given command of 59th Infantry Regiment based in Utsunomiya, Japan. [Main Article | CPC]
  • The Polish Committee of Equipment and Armament issued an order for karabin przeciwpancerny wzór 35 anti-tank rifles. [Main Article | CPC]
  • Lieutenant General Ryuhei Ogisu was named the chief of staff of the Taiwan Army. [CPC]
2 Aug 1935

  • Yosuke Matsuoka was named the President of the South Manchuria Railway. [Main Article | CPC]
4 Aug 1935
  • ShCh-307 was commissioned into service. [Main Article | CPC]
5 Aug 1935

  • The popular Hollywood actor Will Rogers was killed along with the noted long-distance pilot, Wiley Post, when their floatplane crashed in the US Territory of Alaska. [AC]
9 Aug 1935

United States
  • The Headquarters of the Fleet Marine Force of the US Marine Corps was transferred from Quantico, Virginia, United States to San Diego, California, United States. [CPC]
14 Aug 1935

United States
  • Franklin Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law at 1530 hours, which aimed to provide protection against poverty related to old age, unemployment, and disability. [Main Article | CPC]
15 Aug 1935

  • Bernard Kuehn and his family arrived in Honolulu, US Territory of Hawaii. [Main Article | CPC]
17 Aug 1935

  • Viktor Abakumov was assigned to the Department of Guards of the GULAG of the Soviet NKVD. [Main Article | CPC]
20 Aug 1935
  • Roger Backhouse was made the Commander-in-Chief of the Home Fleet, with his flag aboard battleship HMS Nelson. [Main Article | CPC]
23 Aug 1935
  • John Winant became the first Chairman of the United States Social Security Board. [Main Article | CPC]
Photo(s) dated 23 Aug 1935
Arthur Altmeyer, John Winant, and Vincent Miles at the first meeting of the US Social Security Board, 23 Aug 1935
28 Aug 1935
  • Iwane Matsui retired from the Japanese Army. [Main Article | CPC]
29 Aug 1935
31 Aug 1935
  • At the Nikanor-East section of the Central Irmino coal mine in the Ukrainian Donbass coalfield, a young hewer named Aleksei Stakhanov was challenged by his supervisor to attempt a record breaking shift. In just five and three quarters hours, Stakhanov hewed 102 tonnes (the norm was 6.5 tonnes per worker) to set a new world record. [AC]
1 Sep 1935

  • Capitaine de vaisseau Lathan was named the commanding officer of Jeanne d'Arc. [Main Article | CPC]
  • Robert von Greim was promoted to the rank of Oberstleutnant. [Main Article | CPC]
3 Sep 1935
  • Sir Malcolm Campbell set a new land speed record at Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, United States with a recorded speed of 301 mph. [AC]
  • The keel of submarine Iride was laid down at the Odero-Terni-Orlando Navy Yard in Muggiani, La Spezia, Italy. [Main Article | CPC]
7 Sep 1935

Photo(s) dated 7 Sep 1935
Blomberg, Fritsch, and Hitler at a military maneuver at Celle, Germany, 7 Sep 1935
10 Sep 1935

Photo(s) dated 10 Sep 1935
Nazi Party parade in Nürnberg, Germany, 10-16 Sep 1935
11 Sep 1935

Photo(s) dated 11 Sep 1935
Alfred Rosenberg presenting a Nazi Party cultural award to German playwright Hanns Johst at the opera house in Nürnberg, Germany, 11 Sep 1935German SA, SS, and NSKK troops gathering at Nürnberg, Germany, 11 Sep 1935
12 Sep 1935

  • HMS Hermes departed Weihai, Shandong Province, China, a British leased territory. [Main Article | CPC]
Photo(s) dated 12 Sep 1935
Aircraft flying over a Nazi Party rally, Nürnberg, Germany, 10-16 Sep 1935
13 Sep 1935

Photo(s) dated 13 Sep 1935
Rudolf Heß, Adolf Hitler, and Julius Streicher at a Nazi Party rally, Nürnberg, Germany, 10-16 Sep 1935
15 Sep 1935
  • The passing of the Nürnberg Laws, National Citizens Law, and the Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor collectively stripped German Jews of rights. [TH]
  • Adolf Hitler ordered the discontinued use of the black-white-red imperial tricolor; only the swastika flag of the Nazi Party was to be used as the national flag. [CPC]
  • Italian 1st Submarine Flotilla officially incorporated a unit trained in motored torpedo boat warfare; the new unit was based at La Spezia, Italy. [CPC]
16 Sep 1935
  • Remy Van Lierde joined the Belgian Air Force. [Main Article | CPC]
17 Sep 1935
  • The Ju 87 Stuka dive bomber design took its maiden flight. [Main Article | CPC]
Photo(s) dated 17 Sep 1935
US Ambassador to China Nelson T. Johnson presenting his credentials, Nanjing, China, 17 Sep 1935
19 Sep 1935

Malaya and Singapore Photo(s) dated 19 Sep 1935
Dutch ambassador to China Baron G. de Vos van Steenwijk delivering his credentials, Nanjing, China, 19 Sep 1935
20 Sep 1935

  • Lorraine's refitting was completed at Brest, France. [Main Article | CPC]
23 Sep 1935
24 Sep 1935
  • Hitler's Minister for Church Affairs, Hans Kerrl, appointed a Reich Church committee to supervise the local committees of dissident Evangelical Churches. [AC]
  • ShCh-317 was launched at Leningrad, Russia. [Main Article | CPC]
United Kingdom
  • In Britain, newly constructed British cruiser HMS Phaeton was commissioned into Australian service as HMAS Sydney. Aging Australian cruiser HMAS Brisbane, which had brought HMAS Sydney's crew to Britain, was decommissioned from service and was prepared to be sold to Thomas Ward and Company for scrapping. [Main Article | CPC]
28 Sep 1935

  • Light cruiser Pinghai was launched at the Jiangnan Arsenal in Shanghai, China. [Main Article | Facility | CPC]
Photo(s) dated 28 Sep 1935
Launching ceremony of cruiser Pinghai, Shanghai, China, 28 Sep 1935
1 Oct 1935
  • Fregattenkapitän Otto Backenköhler took command of cruiser Köln. [Main Article | CPC]
  • The keel of submarine Pollack was laid down. [Main Article | CPC]
  • As a reaction to criticism from the German justice department on the increasing number of "unnatural deaths" in concentration camps, the Gestapo released behavior guidelines for the guards during this month. [Main Article | CPC]
  • Hugo Sperrle was promoted to the rank of Generalmajor. [Main Article | CPC]
2 Oct 1935
  • The French Battleship Dunkerque was launched at Brest shipyard in France. [Main Article | AC]
3 Oct 1935

Italian Eritrea
  • 100,000 Italian troops and Askari mercenaries headed by Emilio De Bono attacked from Eritrea into Abyssinia without declaration of war. [Main Article | CPC]
4 Oct 1935

Photo(s) dated 4 Oct 1935
Furutaka at anchor off Shinagawa, Japan, Oct 1935; note Aoba and Kinugasa in backgroundPanzer I light tanks on display, Bückeburg, Germany, 4 Oct 1935
6 Oct 1935

  • The Italian 2nd Army Corps entered Adowa, Abyssinia. [Main Article | AC]
7 Oct 1935
  • The League of Nations branded Mussolini a covenant-breaker and aggressor. [Main Article | AC]
8 Oct 1935

  • The Italian Army entered Makalle, Abyssinia. General Emilio de Bono declared that slavery was abolished in Abyssinia, and dispatched emissaries all over the Tigre province to spread the news that Italian rule was going to be beneficent. Benito Mussolini was livid. [Main Article | AC]
10 Oct 1935

  • General Georgios Kondylis forced the Greek President, Alexandros Zaimis, to resign, abolished the republic and declared himself Premiere and Regent. [AC]
15 Oct 1935

  • The first three Panzer Divisions were established in the German Army. The 1st Panzer Division was placed under General Freiherr Maximilian von Weichs at Weimar, 2nd Panzer Division under Colonel Heinz Guderian at Würzburg and 3rd Panzer Division under General Fessmann at Berlin, Germany. [Main Article | AC]
16 Oct 1935

Photo(s) dated 16 Oct 1935
Vice Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto (center) arriving at Southampton, England, United Kingdom for the Third London Naval Conference, 16 Oct 1935
23 Oct 1935

United Kingdom
  • In England, portions of the prototype Hurricane fighter were transported from Kingston upon Thames to Brooklands for assembly for a soon to be held test flight. [Main Article | CPC]
24 Oct 1935

United Kingdom
  • Garland was launched at Govan, Scotland, United Kingdom. [Main Article | CPC]
26 Oct 1935

  • Montcalm was launched at La Seyne-sur-Mer, France. [Main Article | CPC]
30 Oct 1935
  • The Hackenkreuz (Eagle-Swastika symbol) was made a part of military uniform jackets. [CPC]
Photo(s) dated 30 Oct 1935
Crashed B-17 prototype Model 299, 30 Oct 1935SOC-1 Seagull aircraft parked on the seaplane apron at a Naval Air Station in the United States, 30 Oct 1935
1 Nov 1935
  • Lieutenant Commander Wakita was named the commanding officer of destroyer Yuzuki. [Main Article | CPC]
  • Han Deqin was assigned to the Military Committee in Chongqing, China. [Main Article | CPC]
2 Nov 1935
  • Nürnberg was commissioned into service. [Main Article | CPC]
  • Do 18A prototype flying boat was lost over the Baltic Sea during high speed tests. [Main Article | CPC]
3 Nov 1935

United Kingdom
  • Test pilot George Bulman began familiarizing himself with the prototype Hurricane fighter at Brooklands in Surrey, England, United Kingdom. [Main Article | CPC]
4 Nov 1935

United Kingdom
  • Hawker engineers informed test pilot George Bulman that the engine of the prototype Hurricane fighter failed the 50-hour endurance test; Bulman ordered a careful evaluation of the engine, but refused to cancel the maiden flight scheduled for two days later. [Main Article | CPC]
6 Nov 1935
  • The League of Nations decided to accept the principle of an oil embargo on Italy, but left it up to the delegates to discuss the proposal with their own governments. [Main Article | AC]
United Kingdom
  • The prototype Hawker Hurricane fighter made its maiden flight over Brooklands near Weybridge, Surrey, England, United Kingdom, with George Bulman at the cockpit. Bulman failed to file an official report of the flight, but in his casual notes he expressed minor concern with the engine running at high temperatures, minor concerns with the creaking and flexing of the canopy, and general satisfaction with this new aircraft design. Hurricane fighters would later become the first RAF monoplane with enclosed cockpit, eight guns, and retractable landing gear, and the first to exceed 300 mph. [Main Article | AC, CPC]
8 Nov 1935

Photo(s) dated 8 Nov 1935
Italian troops raising their flag over Macalle, Abyssinia, 8 Nov 1935
11 Nov 1935

  • The keel of U-27 was laid down by AG Weser in Bremen, Germany. [Main Article | CPC]
  • Greek Premiere Georgios Kondylis held a plebiscite for a return of the monarchy. 98% of the Greek voters supported the proposal. [AC]
14 Nov 1935
  • After lengthy argument a supplement to the German Citizenship law was published, which laid down that a German with two Jewish grandparents, who was himself an orthodox Jew, or was married to a Jew, or was the offspring of a marriage with a Jew, was Jewish under the law. However all other half or quarter Jews were still German citizens. Those who were considered Jews under this supplement were denied voting rights and forbidden to hold public office, regardless of whether he was a WW1 veteran (who had enjoyed special privileges previously despite being Jewish). [Main Article | AC]
United Kingdom
  • In Great Britain the Conservative Party was returned to power in the General Election with a very large majority of 247 members. Many voters had decided that Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin's new Government ought to support the general opinion that sanctions should be imposed on Italy for its acts of aggression. [AC]
United States
  • The Fleet Marine Force units of the US Marine Corps stationed at San Diego, California, United States participated in a two-day exercise with the US Navy fleet on the west coast of the United States. [CPC]
15 Nov 1935
  • Chuichi Nagumo was promoted to the rank of rear admiral and was placed in command of the First Minelayer Squadron. [Main Article | CPC]
  • Admiral Hideho Wada succeeded Vice Admiral Kichijiro Hamada as the commanding officer of the Ryojun Military Port (previously known as Port Arthur; now Lushunkou, Liaoning Province, China), Kwantung Leased Territory in northeastern China. Vice Admiral Chuichi Hara was named Wada's chief of staff. [Main Article | Facility | CPC]
  • The League of Nations placed economic sanctions on Italy for aggressions against Abyssinia. [Main Article | CPC]
Japan Philippines
  • The Commonwealth of the Philippines was inaugurated. [CPC]
  • Vice Admiral Senzo Wada was named the commanding officer of the Mako naval port at Pescadores islands, Taiwan. [Main Article | CPC]
Photo(s) dated 15 Nov 1935
First inauguration of Philippine Commonwealth President Manuel Quezon, Legislative Building, Manila, Philippine Islands, 15 Nov 1935Manuel Quezon climbing the stairs of Malacañang Palace for the first time as the president, Manila, Philippine Islands, 15 Nov 1935
16 Nov 1935

  • Blohm & Voss Shipyard in Hamburg, Germany received the contract for laying down the hull of the future battleship Bismarck; the construction number was BV 509. [Main Article | CPC]
17 Nov 1935

Photo(s) dated 17 Nov 1935
P2Y aircraft of US Navy squadron VP-4 in formation flight over the Pacific Ocean, 17 Nov 1935
19 Nov 1935

Photo(s) dated 19 Nov 1935
B-12 bomber at March Field, California, United States, 19 Nov 1935
21 Nov 1935

Japan Russia
  • Russian test pilot V. Kokkinaki flying a specially modified TsKB-3 raised the world altitude record to 47,818 feet. [Main Article | AC]
22 Nov 1935
  • Light carrier Hosho was taken out of service to repair typhoon damage and to receive enhancements. [Main Article | Tabular Record of Movement | CPC]
  • Pan-American Airways commenced the first trans-Pacific airmail service, flying Martin M.130 China Clipper from San Francisco, California, United States to Manila, Philippines via Honolulu, Midway Island, Wake Island and Guam. [AC]
25 Nov 1935

  • King George II of Greece returned from exile and retained Georgios Kondylis as Prime Minister. [Main Article | AC]
  • The Polish Committee of Equipment and Armament accepted a new barrel for the karabin przeciwpancerny wzór 35 anti-tank rifle design which increased barrel life from 30 shots to 300 shots. [Main Article | CPC]
26 Nov 1935
  • Filipp Golikov was promoted to the rank of brigade commander. [Main Article | CPC]
28 Nov 1935
  • Mussolini dismissed the 68-year-old General Emilio de Bono as the Italian Commander-in-Chief in East Africa and replaced him with the younger and more energetic Pietro Badoglio, one of Italy's most prestigious soldiers and the Army's Chief of Staff. [Main Article | AC]
1 Dec 1935

  • Georg von Küchler was promoted to the rank of lieutenant general. [Main Article | CPC]
2 Dec 1935
  • Nobutake Kondo was attached to the Navy General Staff. [Main Article | CPC]
Japan Korea
  • General Kuniaki Koiso was named the commanding officer of the Japanese Chosen Army in occupied Korea, relieving Kenkichi Ueda. [Main Article | CPC]
  • Major General Yoshishige Saeda was named the chief of staff of the Japanese Chosen Army in occupied Korea. [CPC]
  • Lieutenant General Heisuke Yanagawa was named the commanding officer of the Taiwan Army. [CPC]
3 Dec 1935
  • Douglas MacArthur's mother, Mary Pinkney Hardy MacArthur, passed away in Manila, Philippine Islands. [Main Article | CPC]
5 Dec 1935
  • Lincoln Ellsworth and Herbert Hollick-Kenyon failed to fly Gamma 2B "Polar Star" across Antarctica, running out of fuel merely 25 miles (40 kilometers) short of their destination of the camp Little America on the Ross Ice Shelf. [Main Article | CPC]
6 Dec 1935

United Kingdom
  • Rolls-Royce issued a certificate of air worthiness for the newly developed Merlin C engine. [CPC]
9 Dec 1935

  • Chiang Kaishek was made the Premier of the Republic of China. [Main Article | CPC]
10 Dec 1935
  • Talented Vickers tank designer, Sir John Carden, was killed when the Belgian airliner in which he was travelling crashes near Biggin Hill, England, United Kingdom. [AC]
  • British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Samuel Hoare and French Prime Minister Pierre Laval secretly agreed on a plan to end the Italo-Abyssinian war by with terms strongly favoring Italy. [Main Article | CPC]
11 Dec 1935
  • Details of the Hoare-Laval Plan were published. Brewed by Pierre Laval with the agreement of Sir Samuel Hoare, the British Foreign Secretary, the plan suggested that Italy receive large slices of northern and southeast Abyssinia with half the country handed over for future exploitation and settlement. Abyssinia's compensation would be only an outlet to the sea. The Hoare-Laval plan raised such vigorous protests and outrage from British public opinion that Hoare was sacked and the Baldwin government forced to disown the plan. [Main Article | AC]
12 Dec 1935

  • Heinrich Himmler founded the Lebensborn project to promote Nazi eugenics. [Main Article | AC]
13 Dec 1935
  • Harsh editorials against the Hoare-Laval Pact were published in British and French newspapers. [Main Article | CPC]
17 Dec 1935
  • The Douglas Skysleeper Transport aircraft took its first flight. [CPC]
  • Heinrich Prinz zu Sayn-Wittgenstein received his Abitur from the Realgymnasium in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. [Main Article | CPC]
18 Dec 1935

  • Edvard Beneš was elected as the President of Czechoslovakia. [Main Article | AC]
United States
  • The US Army War College G-2 intelligence division submitted a comprehensive plan for a US invasion of Canada and Newfoundland. [AC]
20 Dec 1935
  • Pierre Barjot was named the commanding officer of submarine Bévéziers. [Main Article | CPC]
  • Jean de Lattre de Tassigny was made a Commandeur of the Ordre national de la Légion d'honneur. [Main Article | CPC]
23 Dec 1935

United States
  • Chief of Staff General Malin Craig summoned Henry Arnold to Washington DC, United States. [Main Article | CPC]
24 Dec 1935

United States
  • Henry Arnold was made the Assistant Chief of the US Army Air Corps. [Main Article | CPC]
27 Dec 1935
  • US Army Air Corps bombed Hawaii to divert a lava flow from Mauna Loa that was threatening a local water works. [AC]
31 Dec 1935

Photo(s) dated 31 Dec 1935
Colonel General Blomberg, General Göring, General Fritsch, and Admiral Raeder offering Hitler New Year

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