All Facilities

10 Downing Street  Government Building  United Kingdom  
Alamogordo Army Air Field  Airfield  United States  
Ankang Airfield  Airfield  China  
Arlington Hall  Government Building  United States  
Arsenal de Brest  Shipyard, Naval Port  France  
Atlas Werke AG  Shipyard  Germany  
Atsugi Airfield  Airfield  Japan  
Auschwitz Concentration Camp  Prison Camp  Poland  
Baishiyi Airfield  Airfield  China  
Barbers Point Naval Air Station  Airfield  Hawaii  
Bellows Army Air Field  Airfield  Hawaii  
Belzec Concentration Camp  Prison Camp  Poland  
Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp  Prison Camp  Germany  
Berlin Zoo Flak Tower  Fortification  Germany  
Bethlehem San Pedro Shipyard  Shipyard  United States  
Bletchley Park  Other  United Kingdom  
Blohm und Voss  Shipyard  Germany  
Bluie East Five  Other  Greenland  
Bluie East Four  Other  Greenland  
Bluie East One  Other  Greenland  
Bluie East Three  Other  Greenland  
Bluie East Two  Airfield  Greenland  
Bluie West Eight  Airfield  Greenland  
Bluie West Five  Other  Greenland  
Bluie West Four  Airfield  Greenland  
Bluie West One  Airfield  Greenland  
Bluie West Seven  Army Base  Greenland  
Bluie West Six  Other  Greenland  
Bluie West Three  Other  Greenland  
Borinquen Field  Airfield  Puerto Rico  
Boston Navy Yard  Shipyard  United States  
Bremer Vulkan AG  Shipyard  Germany  
Buchenwald Concentration Camp  Prison Camp  Germany  
Burbank Lockheed Aircraft Factory  Factory  United States  
Busan Base  Army Base  Korea  
Camp Aliceville  Prison Camp  United States  
Camp Atterbury  Army Base, Prison Camp  United States  
Camp Carson  Army Base, Prison Camp  United States  
Camp Concordia  Prison Camp  United States  
Camp Papago Park  Prison Camp  United States  
Camp Tonkawa  Prison Camp  United States  
Changi Prison and Selarang Barracks  Prison Camp  Singapore  
Chelmno Concentration Camp  Prison Camp  Poland  
Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant  Factory  Russia  
Chengdu Airfield  Airfield  China  
Chenggong Airfield  Airfield  China  
Chinkai Guard District  Naval Port  Korea  
Chuxiong Airfield  Airfield  China  
Clark Field  Airfield  Philippines  
Clinton Engineer Works  Other  United States  
Colditz Castle  Prison Camp  Germany  
Dachau Concentration Camp  Prison Camp  Germany  
Daegu Base  Airfield, Army Base  Korea  
Danesfield House  Other  United Kingdom  
Danziger Werft  Shipyard  Danzig  
Davao Penal Colony  Prison Camp  Philippines  
Debach Airfield  Airfield  United Kingdom  
Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant  Factory  United States  
Deutsche Schiff- und Maschinenbau AG  Shipyard  Germany  
Deutsche Werft AG  Shipyard  Germany  
Deutsche Werke Gotenhafen  Shipyard  Germany  
Deutsche Werke Hamburg  Shipyard  Germany  
Deutsche Werke Kiel  Shipyard  Germany  
Dobodura Airfield  Airfield  Australian Papua  
Drancy Concentration Camp  Prison Camp  France  
Dugway Proving Ground  Other  United States  
Electric Boat Company  Shipyard  United States  
Elsflether Werft AG  Shipyard  Germany  
Ewa Marine Corps Air Station  Airfield  Hawaii  
F. Schichau Danzig  Shipyard  Danzig  
F. Schichau Elbing  Shipyard  Germany  
F. Schichau Königsburg  Shipyard  Germany  
F. Schichau Pillau  Shipyard  Germany  
Fenghuangshan Airfield  Airfield  China  
Flensburger Schiffbau AG  Shipyard  Germany  
Foggia Airfield Complex  Airfield  Italy  
Fort Breendonk  Prison Camp  Belgium  
Fort Kamehameha  Fortification  Hawaii  
Fort Shafter  Fortification  Hawaii  
Fresnes Prison  Prison Camp  France  
Fuchu Prison  Prison Camp  Japan  
Fuzhou Arsenal  Shipyard  China  
Gamatron  Other  Greenland  
Ganzhou Airfield  Airfield  China  
Genzan Airfield  Airfield  Korea  
Giran Airfield  Airfield  Taiwan  
Grand Harbour  Naval Port, Shipyard  Malta  
Guanghan Airfield  Airfield  China  
Guilin Airfield  Airfield  China  
H. C. Stülcken Sohn  Shipyard  Germany  
Hadamar Euthanasia Center  Prison Camp  Germany  
Haneda Airfield  Airfield  Japan  
Hanyang Arsenal  Factory  China  
Heito Airfield  Airfield  Taiwan  
Henderson Field  Airfield  British Western Pacific Territories  
Hickam Field  Airfield  Hawaii  
Hokuto Airfield  Airfield  Taiwan  
Hollandia Airfield Complex  Airfield  Dutch East Indies  
Hotel Hershey  Prison Camp  United States  
Hotel Yamato  Military Headquarters  Dutch East Indies  
Howaldtswerke Hamburg  Shipyard  Germany  
Howaldtswerke Kiel  Shipyard  Germany  
Hozan Airfield  Airfield  Taiwan  
Huxian Airfield  Airfield  China  
Imperial Palace Complex  Government Building  Japan  
Ishigaki Airfield  Airfield  Japan  
Isla Grande Naval Air Station  Airfield  Puerto Rico  
Jerome War Relocation Center  Prison Camp  United States  
Jiangnan Arsenal  Factory, Shipyard  China  
Jiangwan Airfield  Airfield  China  
Jianqiao Airfield  Airfield  China  
Kagi Airfield  Airfield  Taiwan  
Kahili Airfield  Airfield  British Western Pacific Territories  
Kahului Naval Air Station  Airfield  Hawaii  
Kaifeng Airfield  Airfield  China  
Kaneohe Naval Air Station  Airfield  Hawaii  
Karachi Airfield  Airfield  India  
Karenko Airfield  Airfield  Taiwan  
Kaufering Concentration Camp  Prison Camp  Germany  
Keijo General Government Building  Government Building  Korea  
Koryu Airfield  Airfield  Taiwan  
Koshun Airfield  Airfield  Taiwan  
Kremlin and Red Square  Government Building  Russia  
Kriegsmarinewerft  Shipyard  Germany  
Krupp Germania Werft  Shipyard  Germany  
Kunming Airfield  Airfield  China  
Kure Naval Arsenal  Shipyard  Japan  
Laohwangping Airfield  Airfield  China  
Lashio Airfield  Airfield  Burma  
Lefortovo Prison  Prison Camp  Russia  
Leiyun CAMCO Factory  Factory  China  
Leningrad Kirov Factory  Factory  Russia  
Leningrad Obukhov Factory  Factory  Russia  
Liangshan Airfield  Airfield  China  
Lichterfelde Barracks  Army Base  Germany  
Lindenau  Shipyard  Lithuania  
Liuzhou Airfield  Airfield  China  
Longhua Civilian Assembly Center  Prison Camp  China  
Loping Airfield  Airfield  China  
Losey Field  Airfield  Puerto Rico  
Lubecker FlenderWerke AG  Shipyard  Germany  
Lubecker Schiff- und Maschinenbau AG  Shipyard  Germany  
Lubyanka Building  Government Building, Prison Camp  Russia  
Luftfahrtforschungsanstalt  Other  Germany  
Luliang Airfield  Airfield  China  
Maginot Line  Fortification  France  
Maizuru Naval Arsenal  Shipyard  Japan  
Majdanek Concentration Camp  Prison Camp  Poland  
Mako Guard District  Naval Port  Taiwan  
Malinta Tunnel  Army Base  Philippines  
Mare Island Navy Yard  Shipyard  United States  
Matsuyama Airfield  Airfield  Taiwan  
Mauthausen-Gusen Concentration Camp  Prison Camp  Austria  
Merville Gun Battery  Fortification  France  
Midway Bases  Airfield, Naval Port  US Pacific Islands  
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries  Shipyard  Japan  
Möhnesee Dam  Other  Germany  
Nadzab Airfield  Airfield  Australian New Guinea  
Nanning Airfield  Airfield  China  
Nanyuan Airfield  Airfield  China  
Nanzheng Airfield  Airfield  China  
Neptun Schiffswerft und Maschinenfabrik Gmbh  Shipyard  Germany  
New York Navy Yard  Shipyard  United States  
Nordseewerke Emden Gmbh  Shipyard  Germany  
Norfolk Navy Yard  Shipyard  United States  
OderWerke  Shipyard  Germany  
Okayama Aircraft Factory  Airfield, Factory  Taiwan  
Old Buckenham Airfield  Airfield  United Kingdom  
Oranienburg Concentration Camp  Prison Camp  Germany  
Ostashkov Special Camp  Prison Camp  Russia  
Panama Canal  Other  Panama Canal Zone  
Pearl Harbor Navy Base and Ford Island Naval Air Station  Airfield, Naval Port, Shipyard  Hawaii  
Peenemünde Army Research Center  Other  Germany  
Pentagon  Military Headquarters  United States  
Philadelphia Navy Yard  Factory, Shipyard  United States  
Plzen Skoda Works Complex  Factory  Czechoslovakia  
Pungchacheng Airfield  Airfield  China  
Pyeongtaek Airfield  Airfield  Korea  
Quantico Marine Corps Base  Fortification  United States  
RAF Hal Far  Airfield  Malta  
RAF Luqa  Airfield  Malta  
RAF Newchurch  Airfield  United Kingdom  
RAF Takali  Airfield  Malta  
RAF Woodhall Spa  Airfield  United Kingdom  
Ramgarh Training Center  Army Base  India  
Ravensbrück Concentration Camp  Prison Camp  Germany  
Reich Chancellery  Government Building  Germany  
Reichstag Building and Kroll Opera House  Government Building  Germany  
Reigaryo Airfield  Airfield  Taiwan  
Reiherstieg-Schiffswerft und Maschinenfabrik  Shipyard  Germany  
Rickmers  Shipyard  Germany  
ROF Chorley  Factory  United Kingdom  
Roosevelt Roads Naval Base  Naval Port  Puerto Rico  
Ryojun Guard District  Naval Port  China  
Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp  Prison Camp  Germany  
Saidor Airfield  Airfield  Australian New Guinea  
Sasebo Naval Arsenal  Shipyard  Japan  
Scapa Flow  Naval Port  United Kingdom  
Schiffbau Gesellschaft Unterweser Gmbh  Shipyard  Germany  
Schloß Wewelsburg  Other  Germany  
Schofield Barracks  Army Base  Hawaii  
Schweinfurt Ball Bearing Factories  Factory  Germany  
Seebeckwerft  Shipyard  Germany  
Sembawang Bases  Airfield, Army Base, Naval Port, Shipyard  Singapore  
Shinchiku Airfield  Airfield  Taiwan  
Shoka Airfield  Airfield  Taiwan  
Shuangliu Airfield  Airfield  China  
Sobibór Concentration Camp  Prison Camp  Poland  
St. Croix Airfield  Airfield  US Virgin Islands  
Stalingrad Tractor Factory  Factory  Russia  
Suichuan Airfield  Airfield  China  
Taichu Airfield  Airfield  Taiwan  
Taichu West Airfield  Airfield  Taiwan  
Taihoku General Government Building  Government Building  Taiwan  
Taihoku Prison  Prison Camp  Taiwan  
Taihoku Prisoner of War Camp No 6  Prison Camp  Taiwan  
Takao Guard District  Naval Port  Taiwan  
Takao Seaplane Base  Airfield  Taiwan  
Tamsui Seaplane Base  Airfield  Taiwan  
Tecklenborg Werft, Geestemunde  Shipyard  Germany  
Theresienstadt Concentration Camp  Prison Camp  Czechoslovakia  
Tianhe Airfield  Airfield  China  
Toronto Inglis Factory  Factory  Canada  
Toulon Military Port  Naval Port  France  
Treblinka Concentration Camp  Prison Camp  Poland  
Uralmash  Factory  Russia  
Vega Baja Auxiliary Airdrome  Airfield  Puerto Rico  
Vemork Heavy Water Plant  Factory  Norway  
Vladivostok Naval Base    Russia  
Vorkuta Forced Labor Camp  Prison Camp  Russia  
VulcanWerft  Shipyard  Germany  
Washington Navy Yard  Factory, Shipyard  United States  
Wauwilermoos Military Prison  Prison Camp  Switzerland  
Weixian Internment Camp  Prison Camp  China  
Westerbork Concentration Camp  Prison Camp  Netherlands  
Wheeler Field  Airfield  Hawaii  
White House  Government Building  United States  
Xi'an Airfield  Airfield  China  
Xiangyun Airfield  Airfield  China  
Xinjin Airfield  Airfield  China  
Yangkai Airfield  Airfield  China  
Yokosuka Naval Arsenal  Shipyard  Japan  
Yongsan Base  Army Base  Korea  
Yontan Airfield  Airfield  Japan  
Zhanyi Airfield  Airfield  China  
Zhijiang Airfield  Airfield  China  
Zossen  Military Headquarters  Germany  

All Facilities Interactive Map

Facility Section Founder: David Stubblebine
Contributors: Alan Chanter, C. Peter Chen, David Stubblebine

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